Nanovision 7-inch Mimo Monitors Make Multitasking Fun

Need more Windows desktop space? Do you run a multi-monitor configuration and only use the second monitor for applications that don’t need much room, like IRC clients or IM clients? A Korean company by the name Nanovision has a small, effective, and very cool solution.

The new MIMO 7-inch LCD displays aim to function as a secondary monitor. Each wide-screen display has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and can be rotated between landscape and portrait modes. Connection is made to your PC via a USB 2.0 port (no VGA/DVI connector needed) – which saves you the hassle of purchasing another video card, you can also hook up a bunch of these things if you want.

Two models have been announced. The UM-710 model is the entry level version and should retail for $78, the UM-750 model comes with touch screen capability, integrated webcam and DMB TV Tuner and should retail for $147. They are currently available in Korea (will probably show up on eBay shortly), but there is no confirmation as to when they will be in other the retail market.

We should expect these 7-inch displays to be quite common among the enthusiasts and gamers alike, and having a couple of these will definitely add a bit of cool-factor to your rig — Imagine having your chats on one screen, mini-maps or other gaming tools in another. These mini displays could also be perfect for the hardcore hardware enthusiast, with custom system monitoring software that supports touch-screens to control fan speed, voltage, and other overclocking settings. I.T Pro’s may find these useful as well for small monitoring apps, snap-ins, among other things.

Check out the images below.

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  • pcolby
    Brilliant!! I want one... no, make that three or four! I have several projects on the burners that could make great use of a screen like this! :)

    Time to add a saved-search to eBay I guess ;)
  • Hatecrime69
    pretty cool, and it's priced to sell, should reduce alt-tabbing at least
  • ravenware
    Wouldn't use it for remote clients, but chat, home email, or hardware monitors.