Oracle Extends Life of Java 6 Again

The company published an updated roadmap for Java SE and said that it has extended the end of life and the availability of public updates from November 2012 to February 2013. The idea is to allow developers some extra time to transition to Java 7.

In a blog post, Oracle's Tori Wieldt wrote:

The last publicly available release of Oracle JDK 6 is to be released in February, 2013. This means that after 19 February 2013, all new security updates, patches and fixes for Java SE 6 and Java SE 5 will only be available through My Oracle Support and will thus require a commercial license with Oracle.

Older releases of Java SE will also be available via the Java SE archive.

Oracle said that the end of public updates for Java SE 6 do not affect "the usage, availability, patching of Java SE 6 used for Fusion Middleware 11g and 12c."


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  • herooftimex
    I'm using Java 8 beta and seems to work great. It's on beta 65 currently so quite stable software IMO.
    In case you want to give it a try:
  • SteelCity1981
    java should do what flash is doing now and put auto updates in their java program because java is soo all over the place in terms of keeping their software standardized. i mean java 7.9 has been out for a while while many computer users are still running java 5 and don't even realize it.
  • jhansonxi