Apple Throws Ball Back to Psystar, Asks Judge to Throw Out Anti-Trust Suit

The legal volleyball between Mac clone maker, Psystar and Apple continues as it emerges that the latter has asked a court to throw away the antitrust lawsuit Psystar filed towards the end of the summer.

Following the news of a copyright infringement suit filed by Apple, Psystar filed a lawsuit of its own claiming there were a lot more complicated issues than just copyright or trademark and that these more complex issues involved the end-user licensing agreement and a little bit of antitrust thrown in for good measure. Colby Springer, one of a trio of lawyers representing the company said they were alleging restraint of trade, “among other things."

Apple remained fairly quiet about the antitrust suit until this week. Yesterday it emerged that the Cupertino company had gone to a federal judge and requested the dismissal of the countersuit claiming the monopoly allegations made by Psystar were “deeply flawed.”

The progress of this legal battle has been slow and fairly quiet. Psystar began trading back in April and Apple didn’t file any lawsuits until half way through the summer. Mid-July saw the Mac maker file a copyright infringement suit against Psystar Corp. Psystar refused to comment on the suit (we did phone, we did email) until it filed its antitrust lawsuit at the end of August. Again, the company refused to comment over the phone (no one “qualified”) and didn’t respond to emails (no one arsed, we assume). Apple is also remaining quiet about the situation. Tune in over the next month or so for Psystar’s response. In the mean time, feel free to dangle your arms, legs and other appendages outside the carraige, we’re nearly positive this isn’t going anywhere fast.

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  • starhoof
    I think that apple should stop doing what they are doing with their OS.
    OSX is based on Linux which is free of course, means part for OSX been built already and they didn't pay for it, all they did is just modified and rewrote parts of it. Then apple made it possible to run Windows on macs, Microsoft didn't do nothing (i believe they should had done something, now that i see what apple doing to Psystar)
    And at the same time trying to stop people from buying PCs and throwing stupid Commercials (get a mac campaign) As much as I like PCs i find it very annoying.
  • ravenware
    I don't know man. Psystar knew damn well this was going to be a problem.
    Apple has always charged royalty fees for selling machines with apple os/name. This is what put the freely licensed IBM based PC ahead of apple in the personal computer market.
  • rocky1234
    No what put Apple so far behind was their attitude about everything they are all high & mighty about everything. The normal computer user see's this & just shakes their head & keeps walking on by the big wind bag of a company Apple really is. I still say if they got rid of stave jobs & got someone less annoying in to run that company Apple would do alot better in the PC business & yes Apple computers are just PC's but with higher price tags & a more limited OS as in not as many programs for it & a lot less hardware devices.

    End of rant