A Kinder, Gentler Copy Protection for Red Alert 3

Although some gamers may still reject Red Alert 3 because of the copy protection software, news of a gentler SecuROM may ease the minds of concerned consumers.

After all the hoopla surrounding the recently-released Spore PC game and its lovable DRM restrictions last week, EA has perked up its ears to the consumer backlash. According to a recent post by Executive Producer Chris Corry over on the EA forums, the upcoming RTS game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 will still feature SecuROM, but will not be quite as restrictive.

"Red Alert 3 is shaping up to be a world-class RTS game that will give you many hours of enjoyment," says Chris Corry in his forum post. "I think it would be a shame if people decided to not play a great game simply because it came with DRM, but I understand that this is a very personal decision for many of you and I respect that. As you might imagine, I’m a lot less respectful of those people who take the position that they will illegally download a game simply because it has DRM. Either way, we’re very proud of the hard work our team has put into this game, and we hope you will all enjoy it when it launches."

The biggest "improvement" consumers will encounter with Red Alert 3 (in comparison to Spore’s limitations) is the ability to install the game on five computers, not three. This means that consumers have up to five installations; anything beyond that will need re-authorization by EA Customer Service. Although the consumer will still need an internet connection in order to authenticate the game, Red Alert 3 can still be played offline "without impediment or penalty," and will not re-authenticate after the initial installation. Consumers will also be able to Play Red Alert 3 without the physical disk in the drive.

Set in the 1950s, the story takes place in a parallel universe where World War II never occurred, and Joseph Stalin leads a power-hungry Soviet Union. Red Alert 3 is the latest in the series since the release of Yuri’s Revenge back in 2001. Currently EA plans to ship Red Alert 3 on October 27 for Windows-based PCs and the Xbox 360 console.

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  • mickey21
    How is this better? We already knew this limitation was going to be left to 5 installs... I have bought (sometimes multiple times even), played, hosted large LAN parties to, and enjoyed the entire line of games from the C&C universe (minus Renegade, that just sucked), but C&C 3 - Kane's Wrath may have been my last.

    I will NEVER by a game that succumbs to treating me like a thief and leaves me no recourse should the developer/distributer go bellyup. I buy a game to play it and with how many times I redo my Windows Installation, I wont be hassled.

    Until the DRM is removed, I wont be buying this game along with a lot of others I know and boycotting it's play at all the hosted LAN's. SecuROM DRM will not make the pirate's out there stop much less slow down, why am I going to be treated worse as a paying customer. And here I thought C&C3 was a shout in the direction of progress for the franchise, looks like Red Alert 3 wants to become the wimper... Oh well... My vote is dont buy dont play, anyone else?
  • megamanx00
    I'll buy it when

    1) I can run it in a virtual machine so I don't have to worry about getting rid of SecureROM

    2) When it's in the bargin bin since I'm not paying $60 for something I can only install a few times. I upgrade my computer all the time as well as installing and uninstalling games as I feel the urge to play them.
  • fulle
    ^Yeah... sort of poor reaction time on the article. The link referenced is for forum posts that were from September 8th. I'm not sure why it took a week to report this.