Apple Turns Back on Windows XP for iCloud

Believe it or not, Apple currently has better and longer operating system support for Windows than it does for Mac OS X.

While Apple's current software will only work on its operating systems from the last four years, MobileMe and iTunes still work on Windows XP from the previous decade.

Of course, that's probably all because Windows XP is still the most popular operating system in the world. TUAW has spotted clear evidence that Apple is drawing a line with its upcoming iCloud service.

In Apple's press materials for iCloud, it states: "Using iCloud with a PC requires Windows Vista or Windows 7; Outlook 2010 or 2007 is recommended for accessing contacts and calendars."

Apple did not specify what, if any, technical reasons prevent iCloud from working with Windows XP. It could all be down to Apple not wanting to devote additional software engineering resources to the older operating system, but it is strange that Apple would risk alienating a large portion of its iPhone and iPad customers.

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  • mister g
    Maybe Apple just doesn't like supporting any old stuff. However I could think of several double standards if that were true.
  • STravis
    I'm guessing they know - much like everyone else out there - that XP is way too far behind the curve as far as security goes.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    Not surprised. Microsoft itself doesn't even really want to support Windows XP anymore (as evident in not bringing IE 9 to XP). So why support an OS that 1) Is not even your OS, and 2) is an OS that not even Microsoft truly supports.

    So, this time at least, Apple is being reasonable.

    Maybe, just maybe, if Microsoft offered a Windows 7 upgrade for $30, like Apple will be offering their Mac OX X 10.7 upgrade for $30, Microsoft wouldn't have to worry about supporting Windows XP anymore at all.
    But unfortunately(?) Windows XP still dominates the business/enterprise world, and they are significantly slower at upgrading than the common consumer. Hell, even the White House still runs Windows XP.