Leak of Windows 8 Shows Potential Store Logo

Over the weekend, another build of Windows 8 has leaked out to the internet. This time it's an x64 build of Windows 8 Enterprise milestone 3. Like with the previous leaks, it was featured on Beta Archive.

Also found in another leaked build of Windows 8 is more evidence of a Windows Store. Geek.com found what it believes to be a Windows Store logo in a 24x24 PNG file. This is what it looks like blown up and retouched in Photoshop:

Other features believed to be a part of the Windows Store are similar to existing App Stores from the likes of Apple and Google, or even Xbox Live Marketplace. For example, users will be able to download trial versions before opting for the full paid versions. Users will also be able to rate and review applications.

Given that it's for PCs and other mobile devices, there will be minimum system requirements that will also list whether it's for x86, x64, ARM or other architectures. Read more about the Windows Store here.

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  • joytech22
    I hope it's ARM, I want to run a full operating system on a Tegra 2 chipset :P
  • virtualban
    I find it ugly. And since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, nobody can say otherwise about my opinion. :P
  • reggieray
    Second that, bland and boring too.