More P55: Gigabyte's MicroATX Board And Asus' Flagship

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  • stray_gator
    I'd switch between the PCI / PEGx4 so it'd be possible to use a dual slot primary display card and an additional, low(er) bandwidth PEG card (storage, physics) without cutting half of the primary card's lanes.
    but that's me. i believe gigabyte has better understanding of the cuntemporary expansion card assortment than me.
  • freak77power
    Get Evga x58 SLI Micro and i920.
  • 1haplo
    I love that on the last picture the socket cover says FOXCONN.
  • scook9
    Socket covers have said foxconn for do the metal housing around USB ports at rear I/O and many other parts. This is nothing new.

    Unless these are much cheaper, I still don't see why one should just avoid x58 and an i7 920 given how cheap 920's can be found now (as low as $200)

    Anyone else notice that all of these models have a huge amount of voltage far much more than is common on x58 boards :( (my Asus Rampage II GENE only has 6 vs 14 on that gigabyte board!?)
  • stray_gator
    P55 will be (hopefuly) much cheaper than X58 boards. entry/mid models at least. given that all sources hint that the difference in performance between i7/i5 is negligible (bar memory-bandwidth hungry apps. namely, sandra), i think that lower platform cost will make i5 the best option for anything between midrange and high-end systems, with i7 reserved for competitive benchers/OCers, uncle scrooge and the such.
  • mergatroid
    I really enjoy reading the articles you have here. I'm not a very participatory member, but I do read a lot and I have always enjoyed the articles here.

    I always check your site before upgrading my computers. Very informative.
    I love these two boards from two of my favorite manufacturers. When I can finally afford a second video card, I will look into these boards further.
  • cangelini
    Thanks for chiming in Merga--it's appreciated!