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Presenting Tom's Hardware's Best Of Computex 2012 Awards

Presenting Tom's Hardware's Best Of Computex 2012 Awards
Best Of Computex 2012: An Award For Innovation In Hardware

We started handing out trade show awards back at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. Whereas CES' big emphasis is on consumer electronics, though, Computex is more directly focused on PC hardware. So, we decided to do the same thing and hand out awards to companies deserving of recognition for innovation at Computex 2012, too.

It's important that we draw a distinction between these awards, though, and the rare honors bestowed upon deserving products in our reviews. We had our eyes out for new components and technologies at the show, and most of the time, the latest and greatest isn't available yet. So, we're acknowledging impressive specs, perceived value, and potential performance here today.

Of course, as these products become available, they'll be some of the first that we track down for in-depth evaluation. Surely, it'll be interesting to see if our initial impressions are backed up by final hardware!

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    grody , June 14, 2012 2:33 PM
    These outfits are terrible. You can't even see any skin!
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    htseng2 , February 25, 2013 5:24 AM
    I am already looking forward to Computex 2013