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Results: Sequential Performance

Micron M500DC 800 GB SSD Review: Cloud And Web 2.0 Storage

Once again, the M500DC posts modest, but not great read performance. At 450 MB/s, it trails SanDisk's Optimus Eco and Seagate's 600 Pro by nearly 100 MB/s.

Sequential write performance is a bit worse. At 405 MB/s, the M500DC consistently beats its specification. But that still puts it near the bottom of the field. It's also nowhere near the Eco's crazy 560 MB/s.

Clearly, sequential performance is not one of the M500DC's strong suits. Fine-tuning SSD firmware is a series of give and takes. Bolstering throughput in one measurement often decreases it in another one. Fortunately, Micron is clear about the workloads this new drive is intended to address. While it excels in a number of enterprise-oriented tasks, the best we can say about the M500DC in sequential transfers is that it's adequate.

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