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Patriot Supersonic (64 GB)

Nine USB 3.0 Flash Drives For Road Warriors
By , Achim Roos

The Supersonic is Patriot’s USB 3.0 flash drive. We received the 64 GB version for testing and a 32 GB model is also available, with higher capacities still to come. The 64 GB comes in around $180, while the 32 GB model can be found from around $125.

The drive's case is aluminum. The black color is different from other vendors' solutions, but the quality impression is neither positive or negative in any particular way. The manufacturer claims 100 MB/s reads and a 70 MB/s writes. Our test returned a 125 MB/s read throughput and 83-36 MB/s when writing. In practical testing, the results varied considerably.

Especially with small files, the Supersonic struggled and ranked poorly among its competitors. When we transferred 22 704 files with a total size of 2 GB, for example, the Supersonic wrote them with an effective speed of only 800 KB/s. Conversely, files several megabytes in size were written quickly at more than 20 MB/s. It is therefore strongly recommended that small files be added to a RAR or Zip archive prior to sending them to the Supersonic. The time saved copying more than makes up for the time it takes to compress them. The Supersonic, like the A-Data and PQI devices, offers very weak I/O performance that is not suitable for concurrent accesses on the USB stick.

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