TG Daily interview: Chat with a World of Warcraft bot programmer

Future Plans

TG Daily: What do you plan for future versions of Glider?

Mercury: For small changes, it's hard to say. There are so many great ideas on our Suggestions forum that picking any of them is hard because you can't do them all. I'm sure general polish and intelligence will continue to be the theme.

The big change we have as far as new development is the addition of custom classes. Specifically, that's allowing Glider to dynamically load a .NET class (written in C# or VB.NET). Then Glider would call into the class and let it handle combat with a little object model of the player, nearby monsters, etc. This will allow skilled players to create their own combat routines with absolute control of the fight and post-fight resting. Glider users are very m ustrious, so this should make for some exciting new techniques.

TG Daily: Has anyone at Blizzard tried contacting you about the program?

Mercury: Not yet. ;) The only evidence we have that Blizzard even knows we exist is that a version of Warden was released in late September that scanned your running processes for a signature of Glider's executable. For people running Glider under the default configuration, that resulted in a lot of bans and a change in our detection strategy to be more aggressive in ruling out Warden's options. Other than that, no contact.

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A chat with a World of Warcraft bot programmer