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External Storage - Page 4


With several connecting technologies, storage technologies, and a constantly changing warranty landscape, it can be difficult to find the external storage device that meets your needs for speed, reliability, and budget. That's why we provide thorough reviews to help.

news - SEPTEMBER 7 8

WD has added new external drives to its My Passport series.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 1

This new Diamond external HDD only supports USB 2.0 and older.

reviews - AUGUST 31 18

USB 3.0 allows external hard drives to realize their performance potential. Each of the three external USB 3.0-based 2.5” disks we're reviewing also excels in some other discipline. We study these specialties...

news - AUGUST 30 13

ThinkGeek unveils its latest geeky gadget: the Toaster USB Hub with matching Toaster Flash Drives

news - AUGUST 28 21

Following Seagate, Western Digital has apparently recovered from the impact of the Thailand flood as well. As of Q2, the company has become the leading hard drive maker again.

news - AUGUST 22 14

Kingston is working with Microsoft to produce a certified USB stick for Windows To Go.

news - AUGUST 22 16

USB stick device automatically solves typical computer problems.

news - AUGUST 21 8

Flash memory is reportedly celebrating its 25th birthday.

news - AUGUST 16 5

Toshiba has announced a new external drive and an SSD upgrade kit for desktops and laptops.

news - AUGUST 13 24

The only flash drive that can power a flash light!

news - AUGUST 9 8

Toshiba has launched a new line of 3.5-inch HDDs aimed for the consumer market.

news - AUGUST 6 21

LaCie does it again with a brand new, ultra rugged USB flash drive.

news - AUGUST 6 9

Seagate confirmed that it has closed the acquisition LaCie, which will give the company a stronger position in the retail market.

news - AUGUST 1 11

Seagate forecasts weakening shipments of hard drives and slight price erosion, while the company banks on new hybrid drives slated for release later this year.

news - JULY 25 19

Researchers have found a way to enable the creation of circuitry with self-assembling rectangles.

news - JULY 17 6

This enclosure turns any 2.5-inch HDD or SDD into wireless storage for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

reviews - JULY 16 24

We compare nine different Thunderbolt-based storage solutions, delivering scorching sequential throughput. Of the nine, three submissions rise to the top. Although it remains pricey, in the applications where...

news - JULY 8 54

Hard drive manufacturing is apparently exceeding pre-Thailand flood levels and companies such as Seagate are now reaping the benefits from increased HDD pricing.

news - JULY 4 5

Check out the latest updates in our charts from June 2012.

news - JUNE 27 10

Buffalo's external drive with the dual Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 interface is now shipping with a starting price of $199.99 USD.

reviews - JUNE 20 45

Why is it that an interface that operates at 5 Gb/s never reaches corresponding transfer rates? Our investigation reveals that not all USB 3.0-based solutions are created equal, and we explore two technologies...

news - JUNE 20 31

SanDisk announced a thorough refresh cycle for its USB flash drives, with one model boasting up to 128 GB capacity.

news - JUNE 15 18

Seagate now controls 64.5-percent of LaCie, and is offering to purchase the remaining shares.

news - JUNE 14 8

Western Digital is now officially in the networking business with the launch of four routers and a switch.

news - JUNE 13 9

Seagate's new Backup Plus line of external storage devices can back up local documents as well as Facebook photos.

news - JUNE 12 3

Wireless sharing from Silicon Power.