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External Storage - Page 6


With several connecting technologies, storage technologies, and a constantly changing warranty landscape, it can be difficult to find the external storage device that meets your needs for speed, reliability, and budget. That's why we provide thorough reviews to help.

news - DECEMBER 29 37

Hard drive manufacturers reportedly want PC vendors to sign a one-year contract, locking them at the current inflated price and volume.

news - DECEMBER 21 80

Pingdom has posted a chart comparing the price decline of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state disk drives (SSDs).

news - DECEMBER 21 8

This external SSD features a max speed of over 260 MB/s when connected via a USB 3.0 interface.

news - DECEMBER 20 59

Many drives from both hard drive manufacturers have been reduced down to one or three years.

news - DECEMBER 16 69

Common sense suggests that SSDs should have a great opportunity to reach more buyers once the current HDD shortage reaches through to the consumer with full force.

news - DECEMBER 16 31

Intel just warned investors that the hard drive shortage caused by the Thailand flood has impacted processor sales and will lead the company to report a revenue shortfall of about $1 billion in the fourth...

news - DECEMBER 15 54

Shipping in limited quantities now, and worldwide early next year.

news - DECEMBER 14 23

Today, USB-IF announced that the upcoming Intel 7 Series Chipset and Intel C216 Chipset Family has achieved SuperSpeed USB Certification.

news - DECEMBER 12 68

There is quite a bit of confusing speculation about how long the computer industry will have to deal with the shortage of hard drives caused by the Thailand flood.

news - DECEMBER 2 52

Just one building is back, but the rest is still in pretty wet and damaged shape.

news - NOVEMBER 29 36

The global supply for hard drives will fall 70 million units short of the 180 million needed in 4Q11.

news - NOVEMBER 23 47

A drop in the bucket Western Digital plans to fight on principle, if one can call it that.

news - NOVEMBER 23 34

Seagate has just lowered its shipment forecast for Q4 again.

news - NOVEMBER 20 91

Hard drive production may be back to pre-flood levels by the end of 2012, claims Seagate's CEO.

reviews - NOVEMBER 10 38

With rated write performance as high as 10 MB/s and capacities as high as 32 GB, there's plenty of choice in the microSDHC marketplace. Do the contenders actually hit their performance targets? Interestingly,...

news - NOVEMBER 10 73

The ongoing shortage of hard disk drive supply is expected to worsen and peak in early 2012, analysts expect.

news - OCTOBER 24 65

The hard drive market is reacting to the heavy floods in Thailand.

news - OCTOBER 21 16

As part of its quarterly earnings call, Seagate said that it has begun putting 1 Terabyte per platter hard drives into production.

news - OCTOBER 19 17

This docking station plays host to an HDD or SSD, two USB drives and an SD card while connecting directly to the local network via a Gigabit Ethernet port.

news - OCTOBER 18 41

A team has discovered that, by using table salt, they can made hard drives even denser, possibly producing 6TB per hard drive platter.

news - OCTOBER 17 22

WD may not be able to meet customer demand for its products in the December quarter.

news - OCTOBER 14 10

The ongoing severe flooding in Thailand appears to have impact on the availability on the overall supply in the region.

news - OCTOBER 14 12

And now another item has been crossed off of their 'Kill Google' bucket list.

news - OCTOBER 13 53

Seagate may introduce a 5TB external hard drive using five 1TB platters in January 2012.

news - OCTOBER 13 3

Hard drive (HDD), optical disk drive (ODD) and solid state disk drive (SSD) manufacturers shipped 248.8 million storage devices in the second quarter of this year, 4.5% more than in Q1 and 5.6% more than in the...

news - OCTOBER 6 19

This Wi-Fi device will stream content provided by Netflix, Hulu and even Spotify from a home network's Internet connection to an HDTV.