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Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.


Targeting power-misers, AMD’s low-energy Kabini-based APUs could easily find their way into entertainment PCs, office machines, and PoS terminals. Of course, you need a motherboard to make it a “platform”...


Tom’s Hardware readers set a higher bar for enthusiast-class motherboards, demanding overclocking capabilities and more robust feature sets. Priced from $120 to $160, we welcome the first five Z97...

Motherboards on the Community

Motherboards experts answer your questions

news - JULY 21 17

The Asus ROG Maximus VII Formula is a new flagship motherboard.

Tutorial - JUNE 26

This is my tutorial and might be somewhat helpful to someone and it worked for me.Here are my pc specs Intel Core i3 3220 3.30 GHz Dual Core ...

news - JULY 15 16

We're getting a pretty good picture of what the next generation of Intel hardware will look like.

news - JULY 14 8

Raspberry Pi B+ is now available for $35 USD.

news - JULY 14 7

Asus has introduced a new Gamer-series product.

news - JULY 9 7

MSI's ECO motherboards have now been officially announced.

news - JULY 3 18

Gigabyte's overclocking team has managed to attain a new memory overclocking record, bringing a set of DDR3 memory up to a frequency of a staggering 4.56 GHz.

news - JUNE 18 11

Soon you'll be able to overclock your unlocked Intel Haswell or Haswell refresh CPU on a non Z-series motherboard.

news - JUNE 18 43

Nick Shih has set a new overclocking record using an ASRock motherboard and an Intel CPU.

news - JUNE 16 4

ASRock has revealed a thin Mini-ITX board based on the Intel Bay Trail platform.

news - JUNE 11 7

MSI showed off three very low-power motherboards at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 10 15

Asus showcased white motherboards at Computex, along with a four lane PCIe-to-M.2 adapter.

news - JUNE 10 12

We've managed to get our hands on some footage of Gigabyte's hardware endurance testing facility.

news - JUNE 3 6

80 PLUS Platinum for the win?

news - JUNE 3 3

Three new motherboards are on display at COMPUTEX 2014.

news - JUNE 3 3

ASRock reveals two budget Z97 motherboards to accompany the launch of the unlocked Pentium processor from Intel.

news - JUNE 3 7

New boards and overclocking madness revealed at Computex 2014

news - MAY 31 6

MSI will be showcasing a huge number of motherboards next week.

news - MAY 21 0

Biostar has a new motherboard en-route.

news - MAY 20 13

MSI's new Gaming series board is very well-equipped.

news - MAY 16 7

EKWB has built a new full-cover motherboard water block.