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Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.


Are you having a hard time keeping track of the best motherboards out there? Our resident motherboard expert helps you pick the right platform with this collection of award-winning boards covering today's top...


Motherboards are a critical piece of PC hardware. Learn how to choose a model that's compatible with your existing components, or right for your next build.​

Motherboards on the Community

Motherboards experts answer your questions

news - OCTOBER 9 23

ASRock's latest motherboard can drive up to 18 SATA devices.

Tutorial - SEPTEMBER 26

If you are like me, you like to have a second monitor running at all times; even when gaming. you can be...

news - OCTOBER 7 3

Gigabyte's new Z97-HD3P motherboard offers good mid-tier features and should come in at a value price point.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 18 22

Buyers of Intel's X99 platform, which supports Intel's Haswell-E and new DDR4 memory, were probably prepared to pay a premium for mid-market boards. Are any of these $240 to $300 models worthy of Intel’s...

news - SEPTEMBER 4 14

Is it true that using a Haswell-E CPU in the Asus OC Socket will void its warranty?

news - AUGUST 29 22

These eight new motherboards are based on Intel's X99 chipset.

news - AUGUST 29 3

MSI has five X99 motherboads: two overclocking boards at two price points, two gaming boards at two price points, and a single standard-fare board.

news - AUGUST 29 3

EVGA's X99 lineup consists of the X99 Classified, X99 FTW and X99 Micro.

news - AUGUST 29 16

Asus has four X99 motherboards to announce, and for now just three will be available immediately. All four motherboards feature the LGA2011-3 socket, and all of them have support for the new Haswell-E...

news - AUGUST 29 5

The deluge of X99 motherboards begins. ASRock has nine SKUs to share for enthusiast, overclocker, and workstation needs.

news - AUGUST 28 36

This is one of the X99 boards you've been waiting for, in all its glory.

news - AUGUST 27 8

ECS has built a budget-oriented Z97 Mini-ITX board for gamers.

news - AUGUST 26 37

This is Asus' X99 Deluxe, and while it might be lacking M.2, it does look pretty.

news - AUGUST 25 8

ASRock's X99 Professional and X99 OC Formula both have 1300 W CPU support for extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen.

news - AUGUST 22 6

In addition to showing off its X99 Extreme6 motherboard, ASRock decided to also let us have an exclusive early peek at the X99 Extreme4 motherboard.

news - AUGUST 21 33

Leaked Gigabyte X99 motherboard manuals appear to confirm that the Core i7-5820K will only be able to address 28 PCI-Express lanes, in contrast to the 40 lanes of its superior counterparts.

news - AUGUST 20 10

Now Gigabyte is teasing its X99-UD4 motherboard for the Haswell-E processors.

news - AUGUST 19 5

ECS makes a budget-oriented Z97 board for the Pentium Anniversary Edition CPU.

news - AUGUST 18 16

Despite having "TH" in its name, this thin Mini-ITX board from Biostar is not named after us.

news - AUGUST 18 11

MSI reveals a few details that we've been looking for.

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