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SSD - Page 2


Solid-state drives are the latest and highest performing storage technology. We have all the information you need, from prices to speeds to reliability, in order to help you choose the right ssd for your needs.

news - APRIL 24 2

Here's an external SSD that can play host to eight simultaneous connections.

news - APRIL 23 2

Toshiba and SanDisk ready with 15nm process technology.

news - APRIL 23 0

Silicon Power now offers a Thunderbolt T11 with 240 GB.

news - APRIL 23 0

New SSDs from Kingston have arrived.

reviews - APRIL 22 4

Building on the desktop-oriented M500, Micron is announcing its enterprise-focused M500DC. We got a chance to run the 800 GB model through an updated test suite to gauge whether this Marvell-powered SSD keeps...

news - APRIL 11 0

ATP has built some new SSDs, though other than the release date, don't seem to be new at all.

reviews - APRIL 10 9

Plextor is launching two new SSDs under its M6 banner. The M6S and M6M lean on Toshiba's A19 flash and Marvell's updated 9188 silicon. Together, both components (plus some custom firmware work) should augment...

news - APRIL 9 19

It's just a rumor, but so was the Radeon memory at one point.

news - APRIL 5 8

Plextor's new M6e SSD is very, very fast!

news - APRIL 3 9

SanDisk has announced some durable Enterprise-class SSDs.

news - APRIL 3 2

Plextor's new SSD is called the M6S, and comes in capacities between 128 GB and 512 GB.

reviews - APRIL 2 21

Adata shifts away from SandForce in its Premier Pro SP920 SSD family. With promises of incredible performance and spiffy features like DevSlp, Adata's latest employs the Marvell controller we saw in Crucial's...

news - APRIL 1 1

LSI is growing its line-up of PCIe flash caching solutions with the Nytro Megaraid NMR 8140-8e8i.

news - MARCH 31 4

Apacer has built some new small, efficient and possibly durable SSDs.

news - MARCH 25 0

Team Group has built an SSD in the mSATA format.

reviews - MARCH 18 16

Crucial's M500 brought mainstream performance, enhanced features, and rock-bottom pricing together in one of the most-recommended SSDs of 2013. Following up, Crucial has a refined version called the M550,...

news - MARCH 11 2

The Thunderbolt 2 version of Little Big Disk is here.

news - FEBRUARY 28 1

Transcend has built some small new SSDs.

news - FEBRUARY 28 19

Meet the new Intel SSD 730 Series.

news - FEBRUARY 27 3

Toshiba's new SSDs will be part of the HG6 series of SSDs, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

news - FEBRUARY 27 3

Here's an external drive with its own keypad for PIN-based security.

reviews - FEBRUARY 27 14

Once up on a time, Intel's 10-channel controller drove the SSD market forward. When it was replaced by a 6Gb/s processor in 2012, that technology was enterprise-only. Finally, Intel is giving enthusiasts a...

reviews - FEBRUARY 24 15

Once upon a time, adopting mSATA-based storage meant compromising capacity and performance. With its 840 EVO, Samsung gives you access to as much as 1000 GB at incredibly fast speeds. The company even manages...

news - FEBRUARY 17 18

Super Talent's new SSD is very, very speedy!

news - FEBRUARY 12 15

Looking for a worthy upgrade to your rig, or just for even more solid state storage? Read on to find out how you could win a OCZ Vector 150 480GB SSD.

news - FEBRUARY 10 2

ATP's Velocity SI-Lite SSDs are built for durability and reliability.