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Solid-state drives are the latest and highest performing storage technology. We have all the information you need, from prices to speeds to reliability, in order to help you choose the right ssd for your needs.

news - JANUARY 8 5

New Look, More Performance: Frostbyte II, Scorpion II, Helix and Ventura Ultra on display

news - JANUARY 6 9

LaCie's Little Big Disk is faster than any mobile USB 3.0 hard drive.

news - DECEMBER 13 3

Kingston has announced KC300 SSD which is Opal 1.0 compliant.

reviews - DECEMBER 13 12

Consolidation drastically changed the face of enterprise solid-state storage in 2013. One of the bigger moves was SanDisk's acquisition of SMART Storage Systems. Today, we're looking at the first branded...

news - DECEMBER 9 19

Samsung's newest line of EVO drives includes a 1 TB offering.

news - DECEMBER 4 19

The transaction should be final within 60 days.

news - NOVEMBER 25 29

This 2.5 inch drive combines an SSD with an HDD.

reviews - NOVEMBER 12 22

OCZ is re-launching its flagship consumer SSD as the Vector 150. Armed with 19 nm Toggle-mode flash and new encryption functionality, this new drive is purported to be the pinnacle of of enthusiast-class...

reviews - NOVEMBER 1 17

Intel recently lifted the veil on a replacement for its SSD 520, not surprisingly called the SSD 530. It partners new SandForce silicon with IMFT's 20 nm flash for better power consumption and a more modest...

news - OCTOBER 31 12

Akitio has announced its fully thunderbolt-powered external SSD.

news - OCTOBER 21 4

Adata has introduced its new stainless steel external SSD.

news - OCTOBER 11 1

Super Talent is introducing its DuraDrive ZT3 SSDs.

news - OCTOBER 11 4

Toshiba's three new SSDs will arrive later this month although two are already listed on Best Buy.

reviews - OCTOBER 9 15

Intel lent us six SSD DC S3500 drives with its home-brewed 6 Gb/s SATA controller inside. We match them up to the Z87/C226 chipset's six corresponding ports, a handful of software-based RAID modes, and two...

news - OCTOBER 4 34

GeekStuff4U is selling a MicroSD to SSD converter, allowing you to use up to 4 MicroSD cards in a RAID array to build your own SSD.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 8

New drives are already on sale online.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 1

sTec is rolling out its s260 mSATA SSDs.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 2

OWC now has a 3TB model of its Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini external storage solution in RAID 0 and RAID 1 flavors.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 0

Check out today's hottest deals from our partner, LogicBUY.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 4

IDF officially starts today, and Intel is kicking things off with the introduction of a brand new family of professional SSDs aimed at business computers.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 16

This may be a compression method to speed up transfers.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 9 8

After the success of its P320h, Micron is following up with the P420m, an MLC-based PCI Express x8 add-in card aimed at more read-oriented enterprise customers. How does it compare to the company's SLC-based...

news - SEPTEMBER 7 0

Super Talent has announced some new SSDs based on the new M.2 form factor.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 6 19

We got our hands on an early sample of SanDisk's A110 SSD. So what? Big deal? Not a chance. This thing is PCI Express-attached and sports the new M.2 edge connector. Read on to learn more about the next...

news - AUGUST 26 2

At this year's Flash Memory Summit, LSI Corporation demonstrated a number of SandForce flash controller innovations, specifically the company's new SHIELD ECC technology.

news - AUGUST 24 2

Goodram's new range of C Series SSDs are consumer-grade drives that are "dedicated for demanding users who are looking for a combination of performance and value."