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SSD - Page 6


Solid-state drives are the latest and highest performing storage technology. We have all the information you need, from prices to speeds to reliability, in order to help you choose the right ssd for your needs.

news - MAY 2 0

Other World Computing has released two portable USB 3.0 SSDs.

news - APRIL 26 1

Through joint company collaboration, Intel’s 910 Series Solid State Drives have received VMware certification.

news - APRIL 26 3

OWC has released its Thunderbolt-based SSD storage solution for Macs.

news - APRIL 25 7

Monster Digital has launched a line of external SSDs that use a USB 3.0 connection.

news - APRIL 24 1

Here's another addition to the Intel SSD 335 Series.

news - APRIL 22 22

If you put off your upgrade plans following the 2011 Thailand Floods, now is a great time to consider expanding your computer or network's storage capabilities.

reviews - APRIL 22 80

Today's fastest SSDs already bounce off the SATA 6Gb/s interface's throughput ceiling. Does a 3 Gb/s link kill the performance of those drives? We run a number of synthetic and real-world tests to assess the...

news - APRIL 19 14

More details and images of Asus' ROG RAIDR Express have surfaced.

news - APRIL 17 4

Akitio has introduced a 256 GB Thunderbolt-based external storage solution.

news - APRIL 17 2

OCZ is reportedly working on a refresh of its 20 nm SSD that includes a new Barefoot 3-based controller.

news - APRIL 16 15

Sharkoon has announced a simple accessory that would make empty optical drive bays useful.

news - APRIL 16 6

Sadly, it appears that the Vertex 5 series of SSDs won't be hitting the market anytime soon.

reviews - APRIL 15 46

We've already reviewed Intel's SSD DC S3700 and determined it to be a fast, consistent performer. But what happens when we take two-dozen (or about $50,000) worth of them and create a massive RAID 0 array? Come...

news - APRIL 12 5

Here's another entry to Silicon Power's portfolio of SSDs.

picture story - APRIL 12 23

We take our lab's MacBook Air, yank out its stock Toshiba-sourced SSD, drop in OWC's 480 GB Auro Pro 6G, and chart the performance of both drives. Follow our step-by-step guide for upgrading your own MBA (and...

news - APRIL 12 10

OCZ’s 5th Generation of high-performance Vertex SSDs may arrive towards the end of May 2013.

news - APRIL 11 5

Looks like our NAND-based storage solutions are going to get a lot bigger in the near future.

news - APRIL 11 0

Crucial has detailed UK pricing for its M500 series of SSDs.

news - APRIL 10 3

LaCie has your Thunderbolt needs covered.

news - APRIL 10 12

Crucial has released a new lineup of SSDs, the M500.

news - APRIL 10 4

HGST's new range of Ultrastar Drives are the industry's first 12 Gb/s SAS Solid State Drives.

news - APRIL 9 2

Check out today's hot deals from our partner, LogicBUY.

news - APRIL 8 9

Mushkin's new range of Chronus SSDs feature a lighter footprint, improved reliability and higher performance when compared to the Chronus Deluxe.

news - APRIL 8 6

The Neutron GTX V2 solid state drive features Toshiba's 19 nm chips and LAMD LM87800 controllers.

reviews - APRIL 8 14

Intel has a new family of mSATA-based SSDs powered by SandForce's second-gen controller. Dubbed the SSD 525, we have all five capacities in our lab. Can the promise of strong performance, 5,000 P/E cycles, and...

news - APRIL 4 3

Adata has announced two server grade SSDs.