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Windows 8 - Page 9


In an effort to bridge the divide between desktops, notebooks, and tablets, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is very touch-oriented. Our software news, reviews, and guides help you get the most out of the company’s newest environment so that you never have to feel lost.

news - DECEMBER 19 0

Microsoft and Channel 4 team up to bring 4oD to the newest iteration of Windows.

news - DECEMBER 18 53

The latest blog from AMD points out that its Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture has full support for DirectX 11.1, unlike Nvidia's Kepler architecture.

news - DECEMBER 17 99

The New York Post suggests that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may be out if Windows 8 fails.

news - DECEMBER 16 15

We take a look at two mice, a touchpad and an illuminated keyboard designed to be used in Windows 8.

news - DECEMBER 16 34

Apps sold in the Windows Store are apparently easy to hack.

news - DECEMBER 16 32

For those who actually use the Windows Store, games like Grand Theft Auto IV are now available.

news - DECEMBER 14 1

Dell will provide smartphone solutions, not smartphone hardware.

news - DECEMBER 13 32

Google currently has no plans to develop apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

news - DECEMBER 13 10

HP leads vendor-based market with 22 percent share, while Microsoft drops down to 6th from No. 2.

news - DECEMBER 12 11

Windows 8-powered notebook now available starting from $1,399.

news - DECEMBER 7 19

The industry missed the boat in regards to predicting the current craze for touch-based desktops and laptops.

news - DECEMBER 7 27

PC vendors facing supply shortages, apparently.

news - DECEMBER 6 6

Powered by 1GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM.

news - DECEMBER 6 23

Microsoft said to have halved production of tablet.

news - DECEMBER 5 2

Smartphone could be the rumored 'Zenith'.

news - DECEMBER 4 18

Software consultancy firm Exilion purchases Finnish handset manufacturer's central office for $222 million.

news - DECEMBER 4 23

Higher-end 8X will receive company's focus.

news - DECEMBER 3 76

Windows PC sales have dropped by more than a fifth since Windows 8 launch.

news - DECEMBER 3 20

Rumor has it that Microsoft is currently working on the Surface RT and Surface Pro sequels along with a Surface "Book" form factor.

news - NOVEMBER 30 54

How does four hours sound?

news - NOVEMBER 30 17

Windows Phone 8 has propelled Microsoft's commercial performance in smartphone market.

news - NOVEMBER 30 48

U.S. PC sales dropped by more than a fifth when compared compared to sales during same period in 2011.

news - NOVEMBER 30 17

Ballmer expressed confidence in Surface's chances.

news - NOVEMBER 30 62

This January Microsoft will offer 64 GB and 128 GB versions of its Intel-based Surface tablet, starting at a hefty $899 USD.

news - NOVEMBER 29 77

Most of the Windows 8 adopters chose the desktop because it's more familiar.

news - NOVEMBER 28 20

Microsoft is reportedly shifting to yearly updates for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, a plan supposedly codenamed "Blue".