Store All The Things: SanDisk 200GB SD Card For $24

(Image credit: Sandisk)

If you feel as though you're endlessly running out of digital storage space, you probably are. With file sizes going up, SD cards and other removable storage solutions are expanding.

If you find yourself in need of some additional storage space, Amazon has the SanDisk 200GB Ultra microSDXC on the cheap as part of a Deal of the Day sale going on now.

The deal nets you the 200GB Ultra microSDXC card for just $24, which is 26% off the typical asking price of $32.49. Amazon is also offering free one-day shopping for Prime members, so it'll be at your home in no time. Considering the next biggest card is 256GB for $42.99, this is a great deal for stocking up on extra cards – you never know when you're going to need one, after all.

This mini but mighty Deal of the Day nets you plenty of space to expand your smartphone’s memory, download your favorite Netflix shows to binge to your tablet, or save all those hilarious Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage creations from your Nintendo Switch. These cards feature up to 100MB/s transfer read speed.

SanDisk's Ultra microSDXC cards are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, save for certain countries like Canada and any others that aren't eligible. In those cases, you're still covered by a lengthy warranty of 30 years. That's probably still plenty long enough, seeing as how storage needs will have almost certainly changed drastically by then.