Duke Nukem Forever May Show Up at PAX today

Alright, so we've seen "showings" of Duke Nukem Forever before--new screenshots and videos that seemingly promised that the game's launch date was just around the corner. That's how the game was saved from becoming 100-percent vaporware--by offering fans a taste of actual gameplay.

But all that came crashing down when 3D Realms disbanded last year. The game went under lock and key, entering development limbo after residing in the hands of its creators for over ten years. It was uncertain if the infamous "project" would ever see the light of day again.

However last month brought rumors that Gearbox had taken over the Duke Nukem Forever project, adding to the studio's other Duke-related project, Duke Begins. Gearbox bossman Randy Pitchford apparently also hinted that something big was coming to the PAX 2010 event.

Thursday night publisher 2K Games echoed Pitchford's hint, teasing that "something big is going to happen at the 2K Games Booth this PAX." The comment can also be found on 2K Game's USTREAM page, ready for Friday's PAX 2010 video stream. The event takes place at 10AM PST / 1PM EST.

With that said, Duke Nukem Forever is rumored to be the big PAX 2010 showstopper. The game will supposedly get a "grand demo," and will reveal that Gearbox is building upon what 3D Realms already created rather than starting from scratch.

But will the publisher really show Duke Nukem Forever? It's possible. 2K Games has dumped a lot of time and money into the project, and probably wants to see a bit of closure (not to mention revenue based on the 10+ years of hype alone).

  • partytime
    Shake it baby!
  • flacoman3
    Duke Nukem, the first game to innovate and include flushable toilets.
  • adikos
    old news, it already has shown up there according to kotaku.

    looks pretty good.

    edit: wow really voted down for saying that it was already being shown on other sites? wow, lots of lazy people.

  • rocky1234
    From what I remember of the game trailer that was shown here about a month back I hope that the swearing it takin out of the game as I remeber Duke saying the F word a few times & lets face it there is no need for Duke to have to say the f word to make his sayings funny.
  • blurr91
    I'll believe it when the game itself is on the shelf of a retail store.
  • g00fysmiley
    on the one hand it better not slowdown development for borderlands 2 or more DLC... that said if it does not I'll be happily trying to get me a copy :D
  • Trialsking
    g00fysmileyon the one hand it better not slowdown development for borderlands 2 or more DLC... that said if it does not I'll be happily trying to get me a copy

    Yeah more Borderland will be cool!
  • xaero1ne
    Even tho this game has been delayed in to never never land for so long,
    i'd still buy a copy when it comes out
  • vonarx
    The game was officially confirmed around the same time that toms posted this.
  • kilthas_th
    So starts the long and winding road toward bankruptcy for Gearbox... (just kidding! I hope!)

    Seriously, though, does anyone who played the original really pine for a new Duke Nukem game? While the original game was certainly a shock to the system, the property is just IP at this point, and while it remains to be seen, the only innovation Duke appears to have gained is the ability to survive over a decade of development hell.