Boeing 787 Cockpit Revealed


Wichita (KS) - FlightBlogger Jon Ostrower has published cockpit pictures of Boeing’s pride and joy, Dreamliner Four. The previously published renderings have come to life as the plane is slowly nearing its testing phase.

The array of LC displays, described by pilots as "glass cockpit" is produced by a myriad of suppliers, but it is especially noteworthy that behind each LCD there is a computer of its own, powered by a low-power CPU and an ATI graphics chip.

The first flight of the 787 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2008. Deliveries are currently scheduled for Q3 2009 - more than 15 months later than originally planned. When the 787 finally takes off, it will be known as 787-3xx, 8xx and 9xx. Two "x" are customer codes, such as 787-881 for All Nippon Airways (customer code: 81) or 787-919 (Air New Zealand, launch customer for the 787-9).

Back in May, Boeing said that its third flight-test 787 jet was moved into its final assembly stage. The assembly is expected to be completed sometime this summer. Boeing will then install an interior as part of the flight-program and certification process. This will be the first time the 787 airliner will reach a "close to final configuration" stage. The first airplane to fly is on track for "power on" this month June.

Boeing said it currently has 25 Dreamliners in various stages of production. This number includes the static and fatigue airframes, which will not be delivered to customers.