AT&T Once Again Named Worst-Rated Carrier in U.S.

Consumer Reports has released its annual carrier ratings, which sees AT&T landing in last place for the second consecutive year.

Verizon Wireless, who earned marks on voice and data, was named the highest-rated major carrier, while Consumer Cellular took the top spot. AT&T, meanwhile, was only praised for its 4G LTE network -- the firm is investing billions in upgrading its wireless networks.

"While delivering an even better customer experience is a never-ending job, we're pleased that our customers rate their 4G experience as best of any carrier," a spokesperson told Cnet. "We've invested significantly to deliver unique advantages, including offering the nation's largest 4G network, which enables the fastest iPhone 5 downloads and simultaneous talk and surf."

The ranking of the seven carriers reviewed, from highest to lowest rating, is as follows:

  1. Consumer Cellular
  2. U.S. Cellular
  3. Credo Mobile
  4. Verizon Wireless
  5. Sprint
  6. T-Mobile USA
  7. AT&T

Consumer Cellular and Credo operate as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that relies on other carriers' networks to provide service to its users. Oddly enough, first place Consumer Cellular relies on AT&T's network, while Credo utilizes Sprint's network.

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  • masterasia
    I agree. But I would also like to see Verizon near the bottom too.
  • internetlad
    Verizon halfway up that list? For the absolute hose job they were looking to put on myself and my wife. 150 bucks a month for two smartphones (hers off-contract now as well) on the 4GB/mo package.

    Nuts to that. They should include a tube of KY jelly in with each bill.
  • gidgiddonihah
    You would think they would want to change. Add something to help them along. Maybe have people sign only 1 year contracts. Beef up your customer service with people that can speak English. Double current costumers' data with the same price tag. Speed up LTE rollout. Only hire people in your stores who know what they are doing and who can do customer service. You would think with all of the money they are making they could do something to help their image.
  • internetlad
    Also notice that the "bigger" the carrier, the lower on the list they are.

    Too big to fail, much?
  • Ironslice
    I don't see Metro Piece of Shit there.
  • kawininjazx
    Verizon has great coverage and speed, but it's messed up that you lose your unlimited data when you want to upgrade, even though you have been with the company for a while and show NO SIGNS of abusing your data. Also, it's really expensive. I don't talk on the phone much, how about they offer a lower talk plan to save us some money (will never happen).
  • I hate AT@T. Stuck with them for internet and I still have the exact same 3Mb/s connection that is the max speed offered to me for the last 8 years or so. Got to love progress. :sarcastic:

    Meanwhile if I lived a half a mile south I could have Cox and get 18Mb/s for the same price as I pay now or 28Mb/s for $8 more a month. They even offer a 50Mb/s plan! More than I would pay but still at least they have the option.
  • thehelix
    Companies should abandon all the "charged for every minute you talk and every text you send" and just charge based on bandwidth used. This is what burdens their networks anyway. I rarely even use texts with services like whatsapp and bbm. How much longer will the carriers delay the voip for mobile phones?

    Really excited to see how BB10 goes since it enables voice calls over WIFI (and how carriers will receive it)
  • revo1ver
    I have AT&T and my service was on a military suspension while I was overseas. So when I finally came home and reactivated the service my first bill for the month was $212 dollars for a single line, as opposed to my usual bill which was over half of that. I had a $36 activation fee because I upgraded my old iphone 3gs but the other $70-80 they could only tell me was "retrograded fees" because I activated my service in the middle of the billing cycle. Once this contract is over I will be switching back to a different service.
  • Marcus52
    This is one reason I'll likely never own a Nokia Win 8 phone; exclusive contracts with ATT.