AT&T and Boingo to Offer Free WiFi at International Airports

One of the necessary evils of air travel is having to spend time at the airport. To ensure you have adequate time to make it through security and to your gate, airlines usually ask that you arrive anywhere between 90 minutes and three hours before your flight takes off. However, more often than not, you don't need all that time and you end up sitting in the airport twiddling your thumbs.

AT&T is hoping to entertain bored travelers with "free" WiFi in airports around the world. We say "free" because, similar to its data roaming deal with the UK's BSkyB, this service will only be available to those that have signed up for AT&T's $60 or $120 International Data Packages. Still, if you have signed up for them, then you'll be pleased to hear you've got yourself an extra 1GB of internet via Boingo hotspots at major international airports.

In February, AT&T announced a partnership with the UK's BSkyB for a partnership that will allow AT&T customers access to The Cloud WiFi hotspots when visiting the United Kingdom. Similar to the Boingo deal, AT&T's agreement will see customers get 1GB of free WiFi access per month via The Cloud's hotspots in the UK. Again, they'll have to be signed up for International Data to avail of this offer.

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  • dalethepcman
    While thats a nice value add for frequent flyers, I still find AT&T insulting when it comes to price. After 1GB of wifi then what, $1/mb?