Report: Adobe Prepping Lawsuit Against Apple

Unless you've been away on a nice long holiday since January and somehow missed the entire iPad/Flash/Steve Jobs/Adobe saga then you'll know there's a little bit of bad butter between Apple and Adobe.

In a nutshell, Steve says Flash is rubbish and the main reason Macs crash; Adobe says it's ready to work with Apple on bringing Flash to the iPad and the iPhone but Apple doesn't want to cooperate. The most recent development saw Apple change its iPhone SDK license agreement. iPhone 4.0 developers can only use Apple's certified tools, meaning the upcoming Flash CS5 software that will compile iPhone-compatible apps is pretty much a no-go.

Understandably, Adobe is a little annoyed by the whole situation. According to ITWorld, the company is seriously considering take Apple to court over the issue. While ITWorld admits that officially, the company isn't talking about anything of the sort, they cite sources close to the company that say Adobe will be suing Apple within a few weeks.

Stay tuned for more on this one. Something tells us it's going to drag on for a long, long time.

  • sinfulpotato
    Adobe just needs to stop supporting apple all together.

    Say good buy to people buying macs for photoshop and the like.

    Nail in the coffin for apple.
  • techd2
    I'm glad to see this, Steve is getting a little big for his britches again. Time to knock him down a few pegs.
  • borisof007
    bad butter?
  • I'm also glad to see this. I currently boycott Apple toys (iPad, etc) because of no flash support.
  • Niva
    One of many retarded decisions by Steve Jobs to not support Flash. Yes Flash is no longer what it was once meant to be (think back to Macromedia Shockwave days), instead it's a bloated unstable pile of overcomplicated cr@p that does indeed sometimes lead to complete system crashes... that doesn't mean it's not an absolutely essential part of the web viewing experience which is the whole point of the iPad.

    Funny that Adobe has to take them to court to run flash on Apple products. Perhaps it should be Apple who needs to take Adobe to court to recoup consumer costs from frequent system crashes. Ultimately Apple nerfs all their devices by not supporting flash.

    Of course most folks know and understands why Apple doesn't want to allow Flash on their devices, poor control freaks like Steve Jobs must keep their firm grasp on the fools lapping these products up. Allowing full flash to run on these devices would significantly reduce the control Apple can maintain over their "consumers."
  • surfer1337dude
    I agree with sinfulpotato, Adobe just end all support for Mac's, take CS5 and get rid of the Mac versions (keep support for anything older then CS5 so your not screwing all of their fans). This will seriously hurt Apple (most people I know who want/have makes have it because their college, or just them, prefer Macs for the Adobe suites.
  • jn77
    If Adobe leaves the Mac platform, then 75% of Apples business is gone.
  • fooldog01
    Anyone who sues apple is fine by me. I almost don't care how fraudulent it is. Steve Jobs is a megalomaniac.
  • @sinfulpotato, if adobe stops supporting macs then adobe's stock price will drop significantly. At that point if apple wanted to they could just buy adobe with cash..

    Not really a nail in the coffin for apple.
  • danielmastia
    @ Dingdongbell070
    I wonder if things could go the other way around...