Gigabyte Launches New Aivia Gaming Keyboard, Mouse

Over the last two days, Gigabyte's peripheral arm has introduced two PC gaming products: the Aivia Krypton Dual-chassis Gaming Mouse and the Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

For starters, Gigabyte's new mouse comes equipped with two bases so that gamers can switch between two performances: Speed and Control. The Speed Base features an abrasion-free ceramic foundation focused on quick movements, immediate reaction, and speed. The Control Base utilizes an ultra smooth Teflon foundation which ensures precision movements for maximum control.

According to Gigabyte, the new mouse also supports customized center of gravity by inserting and removing individual weights. "1.8g and 5.3g weights allow gamers to adjust to the optimal weight and balance. Gamers can increase the weight from 1.8g to 39g with 35 weight adjustable combinations," the company said.

In addition to the whole weight system scenario, the Aivia Krypton is equipped with a laser sensor that supports up to 8200 dpi resolution and 150 ips tracking speed. It also has an on-board GHOST Engine that supports massive macros and easy-to-use drag-and-drop software with smart macro manager.

For additional detail about the Aivia Krypton mouse, head here. The product page shows a great diagram on how the weights can be distributed for left and right-handed gamers.

Next up is Gigabyte's Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It utilizes Cherry Red mechanical key-switches that provide superior tactile feedback and an optimized force of 45g. Reduced key actuation distance of 2-mm improves keyboard response time while remaining whisper silent during operation. Its 50 million key press lifespan is also more than 10 times the amount of conventional keyboards.

"The blue Platinum group metal 'Osmium' is the heaviest element at normal conditions," Gigabyte said on Thursday. "Its hard, rare and noble nature represents ultra durability and luxury of Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It not only features Cherry Red mechanical key-switches, but is also exclusive built with an USB3.0 hub."

Not only does the keyboard connect to a laptop or desktop through a USB 3.0 port, but it also features an additional USB 3.0 port so that users can connect additional peripherals without losing a connection already hogged by the keyboard.

Gigabyte's new keyboard also includes anti-Ghosting across all zones of the keyboard thanks to a "revolutionary" anti-ghosting matrix key-switch design. It also features Gigabyte's GHOST macro engine, offering an intuitive interface that allows users to pre-define and switch between macro keys easily for the latest PC gaming titles.

"Especially designed for gamers, Aivia Osmium provides five individual macro keys and five different gaming profiles for a customized game experience," the company said.

As for pricing and availability, Gigabyte didn't provide either. Clicking the "where to buy" button shows various resellers across the U.S., but these peripherals will likely show up soon on Amazon, Newegg and so on, so keep checking back.


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  • Anonymous
    I typed a comment, it may be first, might not. You could actually play Crysis on this. I used to play Crysis, but then I took a nanosuit to the knee...
  • icepick314
    I do like the keyboard using USB 3.0 connection and have extra port...

    I don't know if it's just the picture but is the keyboard also backlit?

    if it is, then it's a plus!
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I definitely think Cherry Reds when I think "superior tactile feedback"... :p