Alcatel Teases One Touch Windows Phone

According to two images published on Alcatel's Instagram account, the firm is preparing to launch a Windows Phone handset entitled the One Touch. Judging by the handset's use of the previous iteration of the Windows Phone button, the device is likely a budget-priced phone that utilizes Windows Phone 7.8 instead of Windows Phone 8.

A 3.7-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash situation at the device's rear are currently the only details available. Speculation has suggested that the One Touch will feature a Qualcomm MSM7227A SoC, which delivers a single ARM Cortex A5 core clocked at 1 GHz, as well as an upgraded Adreno 200 graphic core. 512 MB of RAM, a front-facing VGA camera and 4 GB of internal storage round off the rumored components.

The One Touch will go up against stiff competition when it does launch, though; Nokia, HTC and Samsung are all due to sell their Windows Phone 8 devices next month, as well as Microsoft potentially preparing its own device based on the forthcoming mobile operating system.

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  • Anonymous
    Nice, but will it run Android?
    Otherwise, kinda useless
  • outlw6669
    How so?
    Windows Phone is an excellent mobile operating system and it runs exceedingly good on even low end hardware.
  • acadia11
    Ugly, I want a windows phone so bad, but what is so hard about getting a windows phone that looks as good or better than the iphone. Have vendors figured out to the lame men, snapdragon this , arm that , quad core this ... doesn't mean isht to the average buyer. It's the look of the phone, the feel, the responsiveness ....

    Apple got that right, and that's why the iphone sells like hot cakes, was the MOtorola Razr (orignal) that awesome in terms of features, not really, but it was one sexy phone, slim, flip, silver bezeled, lighted buttons, it looked amazing, so it sold like hot cakes.

    The point you want windows 8 phone to be successful get prada or Audi to design it, someone that knows about aesthetics and class. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but seriously the average person just doesn't give a ...t about all those numbers. I'll give you a better example, when you see a hot girl, do you ask her , her measurements, you don't even ask her her thoughts, you look at the package and go dayum I want to unwrap you.