Birthday Wishes: Android Turns Five This Week

These days, spotting an Android phone while out and about isn't a rare occurrence. However, just five years ago, there wasn't a single Android handset available on the market. Google announced the Open Handset Alliance and its intention to build the first "truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices" on November 5, 2007 just a few months after the original iPhone was released. It would be another year before we saw the first Android phone released. The HTC Dream was released in October 2008 and sold as the T-Mobile G1 in the United States. It ran on Android 1.0 at launch (updated to Android 1.6 at a later date) and boasted 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7201A ARM11 processor, 192MB of RAM, 256MB of ROM, up to 16GBmicroSD, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and a 3.2-inch 320 x 480 (180ppi) HVGALCD.

Since then we've seen Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean follow that original version of Android. And, while the G1 may not have sold as well as the iPhone, Android now has a few all-star players of its own, including Samsung's Galaxy S III, Google's Nexus line, and even a handful of tablets.

Happy birthday, Android!

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  • samuelspark
    URL says "Brithday" not "Birthday".
  • Microgoliath
    Or maybe, just's a mistake? Who even pays attention to the URL?
  • waxdart
    bugidugiBrit comes from the hebrew word ברית( , its the day they cut the schlong... its another Unconscious wish from a site that fans apple unless it"s Android birthday....Well that is one meaning. This get dull from now on...
    birth (n.) early 13c., from a Scandinavian source, cf. O.N. *byrðr (replacing cognate O.E. gebyrd "birth, descent, race; offspring; nature; fate"), from P.Gmc.
    *gaburthis (cf. O.Fris. berd, O.S. giburd, Du. geboorte, O.H.G. giburt, Ger. geburt, Goth. gabaurþs), from PIE *bhrto pp. of root
    *bher- (1) "to carry; to bear children" (cf. Skt. bhrtih "a bringing, maintenance," L. fors, gen. fortis "chance;" see bear (v.)).

    I really don't think anyone cares.
  • officeguy
    Congrats Android. So what are you in Kindergarden now.
  • fedelm
    I'll celebrate when I get my JB update. Considering the OS was released 6 months ago and I still have no news of when I will get it.

    Bad rollout scheme, one of my main problems with an otherwise great OS, with great versatility and options.

    Edit: Oh...and a TERRIBLE e-mail Client. It's awful. No HTML mobile view? Really? This is an iOS feature I really miss.
  • deftonian
    I've been with you from the beginning Android... first phone was OS 2.1, then I went 3.2, and now I have the best 4.1

    I must say, you've matured nicely and 4.0 was a milestone for you. 4.0 (ICS) was the first mobile OS that wowed me and the 4.1 update with project butter is a great leap forward as well. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see your future endeavours. :)
  • fedelm
    JacekRingGet a phone that actually gets, oh say Galaxy Nexus? I have Jelly Bean 4.1 on mine, update came out what 1 month after they finalized the update. Mostly because of typical Verizon red tape BS.
    I don't think so. I don't believe I should be asking or begging please for updates for my phone. It should come as a service from the manufacturer and the developer of the OS.
  • fedelm
    JacekRingThe developer of the OS does update the software, very frequently might I add. It's the phone manufacturers you should have a beef with. The amount of bloatware and custom interface they add onto the OS make it difficult (and expensive) for them to update your phone. That's why I went with the Galaxy Nexus, because it has a stock Android interface (which I love) and no bloatware beyond what Verizon requires (just the My Verizon app, and Tethering blocks, that's about it).
    The developer doesn't live in a vacuum. Non-Google Phone manufs using the android plataform are a huge component in the success and mainstream adoption of this particular OS.

    There is room for google and manufacturers to work more closely together and reduce roll-out times; there is no doubt in my mind. Unfortunately I'm not reading many news regarding this matter.

    That's all I'm asking and my main problem with Andriod (and a better e-mail client, pleaseee!).

    Overall the system has come a long way, and I think it's got MASSIVE potential for the near future.

    I wouldn't go back to iOS after using ICS these past months, I love the freedom and customisation options I'm presented with. And I love widgets and shortcuts.

    Cheers from Argentina.
  • bllue
    And my phone is still using a 2 year old Gingerbread. Fragmentation of this OS is garbage
  • eddieroolz
    Despite my absolute dislike of Android, congratulations for sticking around for so long. It has come a long way from the BlackBerry imitation it once was to an iPhone-like OS that it is now.