Apple Causes NAND Shortage in Taiwan

Digitimes today cites industry sources who claim that major manufacturers are allocating more supplies for Apple meaning other orders for other companies are being cut.

Samsung Electronics has informed Taiwan module makers that it will halve its NAND flash supply to them in September, and Micron Technology has also told some of its downstream customers that no NAND flash chips are available, claimed the sources. Toshiba and Hynix Semiconductor are also giving priority to Apple, and are offering limited supply to the spot market, the sources added.

Maybe demand for the new iPod touch and iPod nano players are greater than usual, or maybe this could mean that Apple has something else up its sleeve.

  • r0x0r
    Well considering Apple causes intelligence shortages everywhere else I'd say Taiwan got off easy.
  • perhaps notebooks with SSD's?
    If they equip them with 64 or 128GB of Flash memory, it'd probably need quite an amount (as opposed to 4-32GB per Digital Audio player).
  • The Dark Wall
    Apple has something up its sleeve.
    Maybe they're fitting more explosives into the iGrenade...
  • backbydemand

    Ahh Ahhhhh!!!
  • Sicundercover
    You would have to think that the bulk of the MP3/MP4 players have already been manufactured anticipating a big release week. Im inclined to think that its something else they are working on.
  • mavroxur
    snarfeckFOR THE HORDE!!!

    When it comes to Apple, I was thinking "For the Alliance" would've been more appropriate.

    Horde would never use Apple.
  • chaohsiangchen
    It seems to me that Apple Inc is trying to exchange dollar into flash modules expecting the US dollar to depreciate in near future. They will be selling iPods and other devices for a long time, and they are betting inflating dollar will cause stagnation and reduce purchasing power world wide.

    Very smart move.
  • Kaiser_25
    Ya definitely ally, but ya apple is a powerhouse, i hate them but they are a force to be reckoned with. GO FREE MARKET PCS!!
  • rsud
    r0x0rWell considering Apple causes intelligence shortages everywhere else I'd say Taiwan got off easy.You poor poor windows freaks....
  • mlopinto2k1
    No comment except maybe, get over it?