Apple's 'Spaceship' HQ Delayed to 2016

Apple's plans for constructing a spaceship-inspired headquarters based in Cupertino may have been delayed to mid-2016. An updated proposal filed with the city revealed a delay from the initial plan of a 2015 launch. Apple wanted to break ground this year, but an environmental impact report may not be completed until June, 2013.

"They could conceivably break ground in 2013, but only if everything goes smoothly," said Cupertino City Manager David Brandt. He pointed to the fact that the situation relies on the city council's approval, as well as lack of opposition from residents. "The project is running a little bit slow."

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs revealed the plans for the headquarters last year. It's designed as one large circle boasting four stories and 2.8 million square feet. The firm said in 2011 that it hopes to have 12,000 employees on the campus, an increase from around 2,800 in its current headquarters. In revised proposals, however, the figure has increased to 14,000.

During his statement presented to the Cupertino City Council last year, Jobs said the building is "a bit like a spaceship landed," in addition to the fact that it doesn't have a single "straight piece of's all curved." The campus itself is said to be 80 percent landscape, accompanied by 7,000 trees.

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  • dade_182
    Another Zak special, paid for by Apple.
  • 25gtt
    Wow, we better move quick on this one then. I hereby patent the following terms:


    ....In before Apple...... Or Samsung :-)

  • kensingtron
    I would rather the money invested in R&D than extravagant Architecture. Curved glass on a radius that large will not make a huge visual impact compared to flat panes of glass. The "London Gherkin" is a perfect example of flat glass creating a curve. Interesting idea though.
  • Pyree
    I'll hate to make trips to the opposite side of the building, knowing I can't walk in the most direct path.
  • losiul
    It's rounder!
    Maybe users will wake up by 2016 and stop buying iPhones and instead start buying Androids, or who knows, maybe even Windows Phones. Apple's workforce increases to 14,000, then layoffs start happening.

    I still think Microsoft will have the Smartphone to beat in a few years, as it may be become the ultimate portable PC (that can run Crysis) and have built-in Kinect technology.
  • captainblacko
    do you think they've went for curved windows because they didn't want Microsoft lodging a complaint against them for using a tile based approached to their windows layout?
  • mrmaia
    Another "article" you can guess it's from Zak before opening. How is this tech news? It's engineering news at most.
  • chicofehr
    I'm sure Steve Jobs had it designed on an iPad so I guess that is why its tech news :P
  • waxdart
    It's a big Roomba.