Apple Makes $156.5 Billion in 2012; Sold 125 Million iPhones

Apple's long-awaited fiscal 2012 financial report has been announced, with the firm recording $156.5 billion in sales during the year thus far.

The firm's current quarter commenced last month, which Apple expects to record $52 billion in sales that would naturally be spearheaded by the iPhone 5's launch.

Apple's total sales for 2012 so far equals $156.5 billion, with the biggest proportion of that figure attributed to the first quarter where it made $46.33 billion in sales.

As for Apple's profits for the entire fiscal year, it made $41.66 billion. Again, its most successful quarter was the first due to the sale of 37 million iPhones.

Apple now has $121.25 billion in cash. During the end of this quarter in 2011, that figure was about $81 billion. The world's most valuable company maintains its position as the world's largest hedge fund.

A total of 58.31 million iPads were sold in the year with Apple CEO Tim Cook describing the figure as "unprecedented", although analysts were expecting 3 million more sales of the tablet. The company attributed the lower-than-expected figure to rumors of new models such as the iPad Mini.

iPhone sales equaled 125 million units, with the majority of them being sold during the first half of the year. Apple sold 37.04 million during its first quarter and 25.06 in the second quarter. The third and fourth quarters, meanwhile, experienced sales of 26.03 million and 26.91 million units, respectively.

Other sales figures announced are:

  • 35.16 million iPods sold.
  • 18.15 million Macs sold.
  • 5.3 million Apple TV set-top boxes sold.
  • 33 retail stores opened (40 stores opened in 2011).

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  • nebun
    apple is getting big...very big...maybe this is a bad thing
  • mcd023
    ready Apple complainers. Set. GO!!
  • SpadeM
    Not really a complaint but the title should say apple made 41.66 billion ... since that's the amount they're actually left. Not that it's a small amount but just say...