Apple Tablet Rumored for Q1 of 2010

AppleInsider claims to have it on good authority that we'll see an Apple tablet in 2010.  AI cites Apple sources who say that after four years of meticulous development riddled with setbacks, the company is now racing toward an early 2010 launch of a tablet-style device that resembles a giant iPod Touch.

Four years? So what was the hold up? Apparently the project is the brainchild of founder and CEO Steve Jobs and as a result, everything has to be perfect. If even the most minute detail was off, it would back to drawing board at Jobs' request.

AI gives the device a 10-inch screen, 3G connectivity and says things were reset at least a half-dozen times over the past 24 months. However, over the last six months, things have been shaping up nicely and Steve is finally satisfied.

Still nothing solid from Apple and no word on price from AI's sources. That said, we'll just have to wait and see what Q1 2010 brings.

Check out the full story here.

Image credit: Apple Insider

  • Aoster87
    And this is economical how?

    Hospitals and other businesses who use tablets aren't going to switch over their entire tech infrastructure to use a Mac Tablet.

    Perhaps Apple's genius marketing team could work with McDonalds to bring us the McTablet?
  • Glorian
    Its going to be an over sized iPhone not to mention overpriced. And claims not to be a netbook because its a tablet but still 10"
  • dman3k
    And Apple will claim that they invented the tablet and somehow everyone else are just copycats.

    How the hell were the granted the patent on multitouch for small devices?
  • son_of_the_kiss
    meh, i'd stick with the touch and a proper laptop, maybe wait for the latex buttons to come out
  • cekasone
    why would they even bother making this. knowing apple, its going to cost a shit ton, and in 6 months or less a new model is going to make this one obsolete.
  • While I am bummed that this is (supposedly) a Q1-2010 release versus a Q4-2009 release, this is good news, and as I have stated it's a real complex undertaking, as this is no mere iPod with a bigger screen.

    Most fundamentally, it forces the company to define its "matrix" thinking between hardware form factors and software forking decisions (e.g., iPhone OS, Mac OS, hybrid OS, download anything anywhere, exclusively limit to App Store), not to mention the service layer and developer tool interconects between same, a topic that I blogged about in:

    Apple, the ‘Boomer’ Tablet and the Matrix

    Check it out, if interested.

  • ivengo
    and many many people will buy and enjoy it ... :)
  • mindless728
    whats this going to cost....$3k for the base model
  • kingssman
    When windows came out with XP Tablet, I knew apple really dropped the ball on teaming up with Wacom. Convertible and other Tablet PCs really rocked and made strong progress in the laptop realm. Then apple came out with multi-touch on the iphone. It was so smooth and worked so well was how the iphone became such a huge hit. We always had touch devices but rarely a well functioning multi touch with use of gestures (sorry palm dropped the ball on that). Now that Apple reinvented the touch mobile industry like they did with the mp3 industry, It makes sense they set their sights on mobile computing. With the introduction of the macbook air that set the bar or ultra portable, This move, though late would be interesting.

    I'm excited for an apple touch tablet. I really look forward to what they have to offer in terms of design and function, especially since Apple is so far late in the game where they are used to being the trend setters.
  • kingssman
    Hate apple all you want, but they are so far the only PC manufacturer out there to start trends and really break out the mold for good hardware design that offers both form and functionality. Considering how other manufactures try and copy them just proves that Apple sets the trend and breaks new ground.
    This move however will be a challenge. It could sink like the Apple Cube or MacBook air