Developer Usage Logs Indicate Apple Testing iPhone 6

Welcome to the New Year… and a fresh batch of iPhone rumors.

It's not really surprising to hear rumblings of the iPhone 6 or iOS 7. After all, the dawn of a new iPhone and a new software update for Apple is like clockwork—sure to keep you outdated year-on-year.

The Next Web reports that it has been in contact with developers who have proof that Apple's been testing out the iPhone 6, which is also running iOS 7.

Apparently, the evidence—developer usage logs—reveals app requests with IP addresses that originate from Apple's Cupertino campus, giving this rumor a bit of legitimacy. These app requests indicate that Apple's experimenting with popular apps on the new hardware.

Though no specifics are given on the hardware or software, apparently Apple's been working on iOS 7 towards the end of 2012 and is working on finishing the features that will be unveiled at its first public release—presumably WWDC.

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  • dameon51
    I don't see how this is a rumor. I 100% guarantee they are testing their future projects before they release them. But, then again, look at their maps software... maybe they don't...
  • hippee921
    Wait...You mean a tech company is already working on their next product?! WHAT?! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! I thought with every release of a product the whole company went on a 3 month vacation!! The next thing yours gonna tell me is the Microsoft is working on Windows 9!!!

  • jn77
    So we are getting 1 additional row of icons at the bottom of the screen and the phone is .5 inchs longer than the iphone 5?

    I will go with the GS4 or the Note III hahahaha
  • freggo
    Yeah, right. Because Apple would not know how to change an HTTP header so as to not reveal what they are up to.
    Either it is a PR approved 'leak' or someone played with the header.
  • wmalinowski
    Want to see test in action.....just go to the bar.
  • zander1983
    I think with the new iPhone they will add an extra column of icons :P

    And yes, not a rumour that ANY company is already working on a future product etc.
  • frombehind
    This is great! hopefully they test it enough to get all the damn bugs out of it before it goes into public circulation.