Apple Acknowledges iOS 6 Maps Failure, Hiring New Devs

Last week, just a few days prior to the official iPhone 5 release date, Apple released its iOS 6 into the wild, bringing with it a highly criticized maps application. When the company initially announced it would drop Google Maps and YouTube from iOS 6, users were concerned Apple's replacement maps application wouldn't compare to Google's refined app. Unfortunately for them, their worst fears came true.

While the app does work, it is plagued with poor directions, erroneous map data, strange visual glitches and a lack of a Street View-like feature. It didn't take long before parody twitter accounts and dedicated tumblr blogs were made to poke fun at Apple's lackluster app. In response to the criticism, Apple told AllthingsD "We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better."

Apparently, the company wasn't lying and has been actively trying to recruit new developers for its maps application. According to multiple new job listings on Apple's corporate page, the company is seeking several software engineers to help improve the overall maps experience. Though we'd agree building a maps application from the ground up is no easy task, it is still surprising to see Apple's maps application launch with so many obvious flaws.


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  • L0tus
    Too little too late. Google's had swarms of devs working on its app for years. The notion that Apple can surpass let alone catch up is fantasy.

    Apple sacrificed the user-experience for corporate revenge and an insatiable appetite for control. Crap company and now a crappy phone to go with.
  • iamtheking123
    First rule of software engineering - don't reinvent the wheel. Google Maps does the job and does it flawlessly so Apple is just wasting time and money here.
  • house70
    jaydub3423It's not a bug, it's a feature!Or, in the words of the late S. Jobs: You're using it wrong!!

    Nah, Apple will start changing the face of the Earth to make it look like their maps...
  • Other Comments
  • azz156
    woo first

    i tested it from home to work n it works fine here in australia though i'd rather use my tomtom app
  • bennaye
    azz156woo firsti tested it from home to work n it works fine here in australia though i'd rather use my tomtom app


    but thumbs up for living in aus :)

    And Google Nav FTW :D Screw Apple sheep.