Archos Launches 9" Tablet with Windows 7

At an event in France yesterday, Archos kicked things off by announcing the Archos 9, a 9 inch touch screen UMPC running Microsoft’s soon to be released operating system, Windows 7. Weighing in at less than 800g, and just 0.63 inches thick the Archos 9 packs Intel’s  Z515 Atom processor, an 80 GB HDD, Bluetooth to tether wireless accessories, and dual DVBT TV atennas.

This sexy looking piece of kit is pegged for an October release (in or around the same time Windows 7 starts to ship and should retail at about €450 ($635).

$635 is a way too much for an MID but at the same time, this thing would be perfect for browsing in front of the television or taking on long flights when boredom is almost guaranteed. Coupled with the fact that many airlines are rolling out in-flight WiFi, it would be a great device to have in your carry on. What do you guys think? Would you fork out more than $600 for one of these or would you just drop heavy hints around your birthday and Christmas?

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  • starryman
    I was horny for this but the price changes my mood.
  • burnley14
    Agreed. Way too pricey for the performance, though I certainly wouldn't refuse it as a gift . . .
  • yourtechsupport
    At that price point I think I'll just get a full size computer, or one of them large-format MIDs due to come out.