Archos 5 Tablet at Radio Shack for $250

Radio Shack currently has the Archos 5 (Gen 7) Internet Tablet in stock for a meager (if you can call it that) $249.99. The device, which measures 0.4-inches (H) x 3.1-inches (W) x 5.6-inches (D), provides 8 GB of space and weighs in at a hefty one pound. The device also provides a 4.8-inch touchscreen capable of a 800 x 480 resolution, and is powered by a lithium polymer battery.

The device actually sounds rather tasty, as it supports all Android applications downloaded from Google's AppsLib store, according to the product specs. The device provides a built-in GPS system that displays cities in 3D, and also features built-in Wi-Fi and 3.5G technology for quick and easy web browsing. The Archos 5 is also great for watching digital TV and high-def movies, and even sports an HDMI output for viewing stored content on a larger HDTV.

The Archos 5 may actually be a better choice in the tablet wars kicking off Friday, as the $499 JooJoo tablet hits the streets by the end of the week. While the hefty pricetag provides a larger, 12.1-inch touchscreen and a 4 GB SSD, there's no 3G support. The Joojoo also boots straight into a web browser, meaning that there may be no way to "customize" the device via downloading applications. Neither devices have built-in speakers, and there doesn't seem to be a USB port mounted in the Joojoo (the Archos supports USB 2.0).

Consumers who pick up the Archos 5 tablet can also grab an optional DVR accessory. Radio Shack didn't have the peripheral listed, however the Archos online store offers the DVR Station for $139.99.

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  • mman74
    That's a great deal considering the iPod touch is going for at least 199. With 3G, GPS, the better screen, HD support, plus option for a DVR function - it seems a better deal to me and just in time for the holiday season.
  • I can't figure out why they didn't include a wall plug adapter in the box. With the USB, you're still dependent on a computer, even if it's just to charge the unit.
  • mlopinto2k1
    Very enticing I must say.
  • loomis86
    They make wall warts with usb ports on them now.
  • But can it run ... Linux?
    You thought I was going to say something else didn't you! ;-D

    I'm wondering if I can setup a cool openSUSE touch Tablet with this, would be a very cool alternative to the iStuff.
  • ssalim
    0.4-inches (H) x 3.1-inches (W) x 5.6-inches (D)

    Shouldn't it be
    5.6" width x 3.1" height x 0.4" depth
  • Nice, but too small!
    Probably atom powered too!
  • cruiseoveride
    It actually really sucks. I have one.

    The battery life is really shit.
    And you cant physically switch it off completely. Its always in some sort of powered on state.
    You only get the basic mp3 and mpeg plugin with the device.
    You need to pay extra for aac,mp4,divx, flash etc..

    its just a money grab. Avoid
  • I don't have an Archos, but I know they used to sell everything you needed in one deal. It was a hefty price! Now they divide everything up and you don't know how much you are in for if you only look at all it CAN do versus what your price point WILL do.
  • Charbax
    Everything most people need is included for free. HDMI Mini Dock (also for full sized USB host (to connect camera or hard drive) and for fast charging), Mpeg2/WMV-HD/AC3 are optional and cost extra, but not much. And it can go in full standby mode consuming no battery at all and instant resume, just make sure you don't have bloated Android apps running that prevent standby (better power management may come in Android software updates).