Archos 5 Tablet at Radio Shack for $250

Radio Shack currently has the Archos 5 (Gen 7) Internet Tablet in stock for a meager (if you can call it that) $249.99. The device, which measures 0.4-inches (H) x 3.1-inches (W) x 5.6-inches (D), provides 8 GB of space and weighs in at a hefty one pound. The device also provides a 4.8-inch touchscreen capable of a 800 x 480 resolution, and is powered by a lithium polymer battery.

The device actually sounds rather tasty, as it supports all Android applications downloaded from Google's AppsLib store, according to the product specs. The device provides a built-in GPS system that displays cities in 3D, and also features built-in Wi-Fi and 3.5G technology for quick and easy web browsing. The Archos 5 is also great for watching digital TV and high-def movies, and even sports an HDMI output for viewing stored content on a larger HDTV.

The Archos 5 may actually be a better choice in the tablet wars kicking off Friday, as the $499 JooJoo tablet hits the streets by the end of the week. While the hefty pricetag provides a larger, 12.1-inch touchscreen and a 4 GB SSD, there's no 3G support. The Joojoo also boots straight into a web browser, meaning that there may be no way to "customize" the device via downloading applications. Neither devices have built-in speakers, and there doesn't seem to be a USB port mounted in the Joojoo (the Archos supports USB 2.0).

Consumers who pick up the Archos 5 tablet can also grab an optional DVR accessory. Radio Shack didn't have the peripheral listed, however the Archos online store offers the DVR Station for $139.99.

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  • mman74
    That's a great deal considering the iPod touch is going for at least 199. With 3G, GPS, the better screen, HD support, plus option for a DVR function - it seems a better deal to me and just in time for the holiday season.
  • Anonymous
    I can't figure out why they didn't include a wall plug adapter in the box. With the USB, you're still dependent on a computer, even if it's just to charge the unit.
  • mlopinto2k1
    Very enticing I must say.