Asus Announces One of World's First Convertible Ultrabooks

Asus has announced one of the world's first convertible ultrabooks with its Transformer Book TX300CA.

Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, the device boasts HD4000 graphics, as well as SSD and HDD storage, 4 GB DDR3 dual channel RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0 support.

Asus' SonicMaster technology that delivers "crystal-clear sound with deep rich bass" comes through Transformer Book TX300C's integrated speakers. Dual cameras sees the device sporting a front-facing HD camera and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera.

The ultrabook will available with a 13-inch full HD (1920x1080) IPS display with multi-touch capabilities, which can be easily detached from the full-size QWERTY keyboard.

"The Asus Transformer Book TX300CA is one of the world’s first convertible Ultrabooks — allowing users to instantly switch between an Ultrabook and a tablet by simply detaching the screen," the PC manufacturer said. "It is aimed at users who prefer the portability of a multi-touch tablet computer for leisure, but still want access to a more familiarUltrabook design for productivity use."

Asus has yet to unveil pricing and availability details for the Transformer Book TX300CA.

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  • Daedalus12
    That looks sexy...though it probably has a price to match. Exactly what I've been waiting for in the tablet space though.
  • alfaalex101
    I hope it has three USB ports, great battery life and a digitizer...oh...what am I doing other than mopping about my EP121. Two ports (let alone one...Surface Pro what were you thinking!?) are really limiting and anything under a four hour battery life really brings to moot any study sessions away from a wall. Lack of a digitizer basically removes a lot of productivity from the tablet reducing it to - "oh look, I can swipe this menu up and down while the normal laptop user can perform that same end task faster albeit..not without the same tactile experience that I shelled+$1000 for!)

    Don't screw this one up Asus....(whispers: I love you..!)
  • zzz_b
    Finally something good! I was thinking of such a device since the first tablet hit the market.
  • cloakster
    Yay. I knew Asus would come out with something awesome for windows 8 :)
  • gm0n3y
    Holy advertisement. I get that it has only been announced, but this reads like a press release. Zak article of course.
  • Estix
    the device boasts HD4000 graphics

    Since when are Intel graphics something to boast about?
  • webdev511
    So it's kind of like the HP EliteBook Revolve only announced a month later. Of course the Revolve won't let you detach, but the Envy 2x will, but that's Clover Trail, not Ivy Bridge. Well at least we're getting more variety in the market.
  • dextermat
    +1 asus
  • wemakeourfuture
    4GB ram, if there's no paid option to go to 8GB or its not upgradeable (which its probably not), this isn't worth it.

    Boggles my mind how many of the ultra thin ultrabooks and hybrid / PRO machines are fixed at 4GB with no option for 8GB. Luckily some manufacturers like Lenovo and 1 or 2 others have announced 8GB models to be released in the next 3-6 months. Completely holding off on a new machine for the wife until an 8GB, ultra thin and lightweight, good resolution machine with the ability to replace the SSD is available.
  • ChromeTusk
    If the price is right, I want one of these! Tablet mode would work well when I am away from my desk, then I can easily dock it for data entry or other "desktop" needs.