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Asus Taichi Tablet Delayed for Second Time

Asus' Taichi tablet, the dual-screen, Windows 8-powered ultrabook hybrid, has been delayed by the manufacturer for the second time.

An Asus spokesperson confirmed the delay to PCWorld, but the firm said said the device may launch within the United States sometime during. That said, a further delay hasn't been ruled out yet.

Initially, the tablet/ultrabook hybrid was scheduled for a launch during the latter stages of October to coincide with the release of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8.

No reason for the delay itself was given by Asus, with several U.S.-based retailers having stopped taking pre-orders for the product.

The Taichi appears to be an ultrabook at first glance, but a second screen has been placed on the lid. When it's closed, it doubles as a tablet, with two users being able to utilize the device at the same time. Both of the screens boast a HD resolution, accompanied by 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD.

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  • igot1forya
    but the firm said said the device may launch within the United States sometime during.
    I love a good cliff-hanger as much as the next guy, but seriously... sometime during when?
  • zzz_b
    To be used by 2 users at the same time implies you can have different screens on both sides, like having 2 dekstops.
    I know about Linux having multiple desktops, but can Windows do this???
  • therogerwilco
    this is the pinnacle of the definition of 'americans waste'
  • Marco925
    we got them in canada already, looks like if you want one, you gotta come north of the border :P
  • Markon101
    " a HD resolution" Wow grammar much? It should be " an HD resolution." Oh, by the way during what time will it be released in the US.
  • kryzzay
    Thanks grammar police.
  • kryzzay
    You're an horrific nuisance.
  • halcyon
    Zak, please don't give the haters fuel. This article isn't really helping your cause.
  • ojas
    kryzzayYou're an horrific nuisance.*a

  • The problem with the ASUS TAICHI is that the patent for that notebook belongs to a company called SEEDTRONIC that showed the concept for the first time before ASUS at CES 2012. They have a youtube video of it.