BBC: iPlayer Radio Show Downloads Coming 2014

Late last month, the BBC introduced iPlayer Radio for Android, an app that allows users to stream their favorite radio stations and catch up on their favorite radio shows after they've been aired. What you can't do is download the radio shows to your device. However, the BBC says all that should change in 2014.

The BBC today revealed that it has received the necessary approvals from the BBC Trust to start offering radio content for downloads. This should bring iPlayer for radio in line with what the BBC already offers for its TV catch-up application and will mean that folks will have seven days to download catch-up content. Once downloaded, listeners will have one month (30 days) to store it and seven days to listen once the file has been opened.

The BBC submitted its proposal earlier this year, but despite approval from the BBC Trust, the broadcaster doesn't expect to offer radio downloads until next year. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with the seven-day catch-up system and downloading podcasts.

  • grantwar
    I'm sure the record labels are going to love this... BBC handing our their music for you to playback whenever you want at your leisure without paying for it. I wonder how this is going to unfold.
    Sounds like a great idea tho.
  • bofh111
    I could do it with a tape recorder like 30 years ago, what's the big deal?