BlackBerry Q10 Commercial: "It's Time"

BlackBerry is going for a much-needed tactic change with their new Q10 commercial. Starting out with a dramatic "It's time," the voice-over starts expanding on the many features that the BlackBerry 10 platform has and how to fully utilize the QWERTY style Q10 phone. As the Canadian company has seen its market share all but disappear, it is now trying to recover its decline in sales with the commercial shown below.

BB Q10 Commercial

During the original launch of the Q10, both the company and its consumers were eager to embrace the phone, as competing smartphone manufacturers barely catered to individuals who prefer a physical QWERTY keyboard. However, over time the phone has lost its preliminary excitement, forcing BlackBerry to step up their game and get their premium phone 'out there' again. Unfortunately, despite the commercial, many users still remain negative towards BlackBerry, twisting their words into comments such as "It's Time.... to say goodbye" or "It's Time to shut down."

We must remember that there will always be a market for physical keyboard phones, and that the Q10 has hardware that still rivals many phones today. Perhaps BlackBerry should start following Tom's methods, as we did a very attractive presentation of the Q10 in the past. Do you think that BlackBerry should stop struggling to keep its head above water, or should the company simply change its approach to the smartphone market? As always, please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  • Thunderfox
    It's time... to choose between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4.
  • halcyon
    I went for the 32GB...err 24GB (according to your apparent reasoning). Mine actually had much more than that available out the box.
  • Michael Kane
    its time for the GNOTE 3, HTC T6 or the moto X phablet all with qualcomm 800s!!!