Blizzard Also Bringing Global Play to StarCraft 2

On Monday Blizzard said that it's working to bring Global Play to StarCraft 2 in a future update. The company recently said this would be a feature in Diablo 3 that allows gamers to create a character on servers in other regions so that they can play with their friends in different parts of the world. Naturally this would be the same case for StarCraft 2.

"We know this is something StarCraft 2 players have been asking for, and we’re working hard to make it available along with multi-language support, at or around the release of Heart of the Swarm," production director Chris Sigaty wrote. "We’ll have information as we get closer to Heart of the Swarm’s release."

In addition to those two features, Blizzard is looking to add multiplayer resume from replay, a clan/group system, unranked matchmaking, and multiplayer replay viewing. The resume from replay aspect is a direct response to the eSports community so that games can be resumed if they're ended prematurely during an event. This will probably not be implemented in time for the MLG Spring Championship on June 8–10 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, but at or around the launch of Heart of the Swarm.

"We continue to read your passionate requests for clan support," Blizzard said. "We can confirm that we are building a clan/group system that will be released with Heart of the Swarm. We also intend to have our first version of unranked play so you will have the ability to match-make against like-skilled players without having to affect your ladder ranking while you practice off-race or experiment with a new build order."

As reported last month, Heart of the Swarm will be playable during the MLG Spring Championship event. A large number of public demo stations will allow attendees to try out the latest multiplayer build of Heart of the Swarm in advance of the upcoming beta test. So far there's no set release date for the second StarCraft 2 installment, but Blizzard seems to be on track for a 2012 launch.

"Additionally, we will be releasing news in the next few weeks about how your participation in the upcoming Arcade (1.5) beta can win you chances to get into the upcoming Heart of the Swarm multiplayer beta test," Blizzard said.

Arcade is the new name for Marketplace that serves as a hub for both free and premium games created by the community for the community. Allowing custom game makers to charge for their games will incentivize higher quality custom games, benefiting players and game creators, Blizzard said back in October.

"Games will be easier to find right within the new Arcade button, while the single-player and multiplayer buttons will become merged into one," Blizzard said. "The Arcade interface will redefine and refine the organization of custom maps and mods making it easier than before to find what you're looking for. Mods will be categorized as What's Hot. Up & Coming; New & Noteworthy; and Featured Games."

For more information about the upcoming StarCraft 2 updates, check out Chris Sigaty's latest entry here.

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  • dragonsqrrl
    Oh damn, Korean servers here I come!

    ... I'm about to get owned.
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  • dragonsqrrl
    Oh damn, Korean servers here I come!

    ... I'm about to get owned.
  • christarp
    Kami3kWhy not just it so you can play with people from anywhere in the world on just one server?Guess I'm getting old and too use to when gaming made sense.

    There are a couple points that fragmentation in servers is a good thing. Lag for one. Say you only want to play with neighbors or something, you can all be on the same server and keep a low ping. If there was a global server, ping would be low for some and very high for others depending on where the one server was hosted. Giving players the option to choose servers is the best solution, it allows people to play with low ping with neighbors, and if so desired, a higher ping with people across the globe.
  • doorspawn
    christarpThere are a couple points that fragmentation in servers is a good thing. Lag for one. Say you only want to play with neighbors or something

    Lag between neighbours is not important. There is no need for LAN. Only 5 people want it, anyway.