1 TB, Blu-ray Compatible Optical Disc Announced


Call/Recall has announced it is developing a 1TB optical drive and disk, backwards compatible with Blu-ray, in partnership with with the Nichia Corporation of Japan. Call/Recall began synthesizing 1TB materials for Nichia’s blue-violet laser diodes in December 2007, with first initial testing successfully completed in March 2008.

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  • Anonymous
    Wow, I was not expecting that. Jumping from 50GB -> 1000GB LOL, you would think there would be a few steps in between. This may solve storage issues for many people. I wonder when we'll be having 9999999P HDTVS
  • Pei-chen
    Blu-ray is good for 200GB so it's more like 700MB -> 8.7GB -> 200GB -> 1TB
  • vagetaqtd
    Yes, finally space to store all my xxx!!!