Bravo Debuts Trailer for New Silicon Valley Show


For whatever reason, reality TV is a hugely popular genre. Between modeling contests, cook-offs, beauty pageants, singing and dancing competitions, races, competing for husbands and wives, chasing bad guys, and tattoos, TV networks have nearly all their bases covered. However, there's always room for one more, and Bravo's latest project sees the network's camera's trained on Silicon Valley.

Dubbed Start Ups: Silicon Valley, the show follows three guys and three girls as they try to forge a place for themselves in Silicon Valley. The cast are all in their 20s or 30s and, according to Bravo, they each have 'a unique perspective on the future of technology, business, and how to get ahead in the most competitive culture in the country.' The first season of the show will start airing November 5.

Check out the trailer over on Bravo's website and let us know what you think.

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  • inerax
    Bill Gates had a unique perspective on how much hard drive space people would need in the future.
  • It looks like it'll be a pretty good sitcom.
  • Gigahertz20
    Nice, all good looking white people, but of course what else would you expect to see in Silicon Valley?
  • bllue
    Those are clearly actors
  • bison88
    Excitingly lame, but Reality TV refuses to die so it'll probably be incredibly successful.
  • chewy1963
    Geeks are the new rockstars.... So where are the Geeks in this show? I see glamorous 'Beautiful People' trying to get into the tech field, not Geeks at all.
  • falchard
    I think the big mistake made is that the Silicon Valley is still relevant. Alot of tech research has been consolidated around Microsoft, IBM, Qualcomm, Sony, Taiwan, Samsung, and Hong Kong. Silicon Valley to me seems more like riding on the coattails of old glory in directions that might not pan out. I'm probably still going to watch and enjoy it.
  • bawchicawawa
    Cancel it before it airs... please...