VIDEO: Half-Life Fan Creates Impressive Trailer

CGI artist Marco Spitoni recently updated his personal website with a teaser trailer he created based on Half-Life 2. Called I'm The Freeman, the clip depicts a CGI-version of Valve's classic storyline and Gordon Freeman in full action-hero mode. The teaser isn't very long, and should leave Half-Life fans clamoring for the real deal.

Currently Spitoni is employed as the Previsualization Supervisor at Weta Digital, Peter Jackson's visual effects facility located in Wellington, New Zealand. His past experience includes time with developer Milestone in the 90s, and as a special effects artist for commercials in the late 80s. Spitoni said that he's used 3DStudio since its 4th release back when it still required DOS.

However Spitoni's love for games is shown in this latest clip. "I've always been in love with the PC game 'Half-Life' so I've decided to work out a project that would have been a trailer for a hypothetical feature film of Half-Life. Again, is not live action, although I would have love to have the chance and the time to work out something like that."

Spitoni added that there won't be a short movie, however that could change if Valve takes an interest. With Activision talking about combining and selling in-game cutscenes as full-blown movies, Valve could jump on the bandwagon and hire Spitoni on a part-time basis to create a full-length CGI film and compete.

Still, Half-Life vs. StarCraft in the virtual theater? Now that would be an interesting-yet-awesome fight.

  • LuigiVN
    I saw this yesterday, It looks f*cking awesome.... So many unfinished proyects...
  • HavoCnMe
    I have the Orange Box and haven't installed it....maybe i should tonight.
  • nightcrawl3r
    Pure Genius.
  • tacoslave
    my math teacher bryan kinney looked exactly like gordon freeman.
  • mikem_90
    Gordon Freeman was spotted at the LHC...
  • gekko668
    The creativity of fan made CGI never ceases to amaze me. A lot of the animation is so good that it rivals multi million budget animation.
  • I just watched it and thought that it would be awesome to have Gordon Freeman in TPS mode. However, i am completely stunned as to how neatly and professionally he did the video and for once, i thought that what if he had put "Half Life 3 Official Trailer", we would have all believed it, wouldn't we?. It doesn't look like a fan made trailer, might as well be bought as a intro trailer for Half life 3 by Activision.
  • jimmysmitty
    Mother of God......

    I like. I think there was an article earlier about VALVe wanting to do an in house HL movie. I think this guy has the talent to give it that amazing look.

    I think it would be near perfect as long as they get the original cast to voice it.
  • 4745454b
    Meh. Doesn't seem like much. I'd rather see more development of "Escape from City 17". THAT seems like a great movie.
  • Ramar
    HavoCnMeI have the Orange Box and haven't installed it....maybe i should tonight.
    Christ son, DO IT.