Cell Phone Subscribers Surpasses 6 Billion on Earth

There are over 7 billion people living on this planet, with an extremely substantial amount owning cell phones.

According to the International Telecommunication Union, approximately 86 out of 100 people own at least one cell phone, which equals around 6 billion subscriptions.

China by itself is responsible for 1 billion users, while India is due to achieve the same figure in the coming months. The U.N. agency also said 2.3 billion people (or around one in three globally) were active Internet users.

That said, there were inconsistencies between developing and rich countries. 70 percent of users who utilize the Internet are from wealthier and more industrialized countries. Comparatively, 24 percent of people are located within poorer and developing nations.

A growing percentage of cell phone owners are in possession of a smartphone. The iPhone has consistently sold tens of millions of units with each model, while Google has said Android is expected to reach the 1 billion activation milestone next year.


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  • jankeke
    Wow ! 86 out of 100. That's a lot more than I thought.
  • cknobman
    In reality it is much lower than 86 out of 100 people because these figures do not account for all the people walking around with multiple cell phones.

    My company makes it policy for everyone to have a company issued iPhone and there are also a lot of people with company issued blackberries as well.

    I am sure there are many corporate users with 2-3 cell phones.
  • greghome
    Guess it won't be long until public payphones are something in the museum :/