China Vows to Clamp Down on Trademark Trolls

China has stressed its plan to change laws in order to combat "malicious" trademark registrations, which have allowed companies to misuse names and brands.

The proposed changes were announced after international companies and well-known individuals complained to the region's authorities. The country's legislature will discuss the amendment this week.

One of the more famous cases pertaining to the matter is China-based Proview suing Apple for the use of the name "iPad". It's a dispute, however, that ultimately led to Apple settling for $60 million.

Other cases include Michael Jordan, who sued a Chinese sportswear company for making use of his name, as well as French luxury brand Hermes International who has also submitted trademark complaints.

Should the amendment proposed by China come into fruition, it would offer more power to trademark holders by allowing them to ban the unauthorized use of their logos and name or ones that bear a similar resemblance.


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  • wlachan
    Not happening I am afraid. There are many fine written laws in China but they aren't being implemented because the government is badly corrupted from top to bottom at all levels.
  • virtualban
    I would rather see China stop producing counterfeits, or items with similar name/shape/features of the established brands and poor quality.
    Identical counterfeits being the worst, but probably they are also the very illegal ones.
    I still would like to not see Samsing or Aplle products in similar shape and features to Samsung and Apple products.
  • Reynod
    China is the official home of spam, patent AND trademark violation AND corruption.

    Like any of that is going to change anytime soon.

    China is a dictatorship (hiding behind a fascade of communism) ... with some 2384 (split into the 3 {PSC, Politburo, and Central Comittee}) power elites (40,000 including their families) squabbling over the cream ... and 1.3 billion dumb smucks living in conditions ranging from abject squalor (peasant farmers in the millions) ... to a 100,000 in what they would consider middle class.

    China won't change anytime soon because the power elites (and their super wealthy families who benefit from corrupt business dealings outside the country) are too busy maintaining the status quo, which is in their own best interests.

    Communism is a dead ideal that fails because of individual self interest.

    Vanilla is only good the first time you try it.

    We worked that out as kids ...