Crytek: UE4 Just Now Catching Up with CryEngine 3

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Crytek head Cevat Yerli said Unreal Engine 4's level of quality has existed in CryEngine 3 for the last three years. There are also "tangible differences" between the two software engines, something people won't notice when they're comparing in-game screenshots.

"You can go back three years ago to the GDC videos," he said. "What we put out there is pretty much what Unreal Engine 4 put out now. And what many others are doing now too. We haven’t really put out our latest stuff yet."

He goes on to say that the next iteration of CryEngine will be revealed soon, but the current engine has been next-gen ready since 2009.

"If I look at what people call next-gen technology now, it’s what we were seeing three years ago," Yerli added. "We already had massive particle systems, we already had GPU rendering, all these things. Deferred shading. We had tessellation already since we shipped Crysis 2. We already had DX11. We didn’t just talk it up as tech demos, we have games that are shipped and are doing it."

So at this level, what's the difference between CryEngine 3 and competitors like Unreal Engine 4? He said it's the "fluidity of the overall experience," comparing the differences with an Android phone and an iPhone. Both can do the same things, but the iPhone feels more fluid, more organic.

"It’s not just about ticking off boxes next to features," he said. "It’s a holistic experience that has to be fluid and flawless and real. Not show. It must be real. That’s us and what CryEngine always stands for. It was always a very substantial, robust, polished experience that gamers will see."

"I also think that we are dedicated to online games," he added. "When you look at our number of licensees in that space, we have more licensees than any other engine in the online space. In the console space it’s a different story. In the console space we’re definitely not leading. But I think the next time around, it’s going to be a very different picture."

Sounds like a challenge, Epic.

  • rangas
    soon....but will it run crysis 3?
  • flowingbass
    Looks like crytek is jealous of UE4...
  • alxianthelast
    Now compare Samaritan/The Elemental, tech demos to Crysis 3 a shipped game.

    Can the average Joe even run Crysis 3 at maximum everything like we see in Crytek's demos? They are practically as appropriate as Epic showcasing their tech with demos, even if neither is actually a game, or if Epic even has plans for a AAA PC games.

    I like the argument that Crytek makes games.. while Epic hasn't exactly abandoned PC gaming in order to pursue Gears on consoles.. but on a tech side of things it is hard to say if Crytek is better at making AAA PC games than Epic. It really is an apple and android comparison.
  • fonzy
    How about improving on Crysis 1 it has been 5 years. We don't want ports!
  • blubbey
    What I'd like is for them to have Dx11 and high res textures on release.
    flowingbassLooks like crytek is jealous of UE4...Jealousy is stating facts?
  • sp0nger
    I dont think thier jelous, just pissed UE4 has gotten a lot more attention that Cryengine3

    While crytek has had tech advantage for a while now, UE4 has the advantage of better marketing.. I have heard a lot more of my console gamer friends talk about UE4 and next gen more so than i ever heard talking about Cryengine 3

  • scooterlibby
    Haha if memory serves Crysis 3 did NOT ship with tessalation. We had to wait quite awhile for that DX11 patch. Not saying his primary argument is BS, but that particukar claim is laughable.
  • killerchickens
    blubbeyWhat I'd like is for them to have Dx11 and high res textures on release.Jealousy is stating facts?
    The sky is blue saying that must mean I'm jealous. Damn you sky and your blueness! :lol:
  • atikkur
    but i felt too many static in crysis 2... especially its lighting.. not impressed.
  • cxinformatique
    I LOVE THIS :)