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Crash Bandicoot Mod Using CryEngine 2

French modder Alias Lenox is currently using the CryTek 2 engine to recreate the original Crash Bandicoot platformer game. Based on his early demo trailer and screenshots, the mod looks simply stunning, leaving us wondering why Activision has neglected the unofficial PlayStation mascot on the current PlayStation 3 console.

Crash Bandicoot was originally developed by Naughty Dog Inc and released on the first PlayStation console back (PSOne) in 1996. Now the franchise is controlled by Radical Entertainment and Activision, and spans across 18 games as of 2010. Unfortunately, the only Crash Bandiccot love PS3 gamers have received thus far are the digital versions of the PSOne classics.

But naturally, as with most other mods centered around copyrighted material, we expect to see Crash Bandicoot Return(s) go down in flames thanks to Activision's Cortex-themed bazooka. That said, we quickly had to offer up a tiny glimpse before its lawsuit-propelled demise even though the modder expects to complete it by the end of 2011 (good luck with that).

"After many years wondering why Naugthy Dog had sold its [Crash Bandicoot] license, I finally decided to create a mod based on the Crash universe," Lenox said. "The current level is based on N. Sanity Beach. The first level of the oldest episode."

While little else is known about the mod at this point, the video embedded on Moddb here shows the classic Crash Bandicoot setup with all the crate-bashing, peach-eating, pit-jumping goodness many of us console owners have come to love/hate over the years. The only goofy aspect about the Crash mod is the speed of his jumps, looking as if he's leaping on the moon. Hopefully that will be addressed before Activision pulls the plug.

As previously mentioned, the mod isn't completed, but it's definitely worth a look. Additional screens and the Vimeo video are located here. OOOGA BOOGA!