Report: Dell to Launch Android Tablet Next Month

Pocket-lint today cites "multiple black ops sources" who say Dell will launch an Android-based tablet this coming January at CES 2010. Details are scant but so far but Pocket-Link reports that the device will have a 5-inch screen.

When contacted for comment Dell gave the following non-committal statement:

"Dell continually develops and tests new products that extend the mobile experience. We have not made any product announcements and do not comment on speculation, rumour, or unannounced products."

Do you think we'll soon see a Dell tablet?

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  • deadlockedworld
    Well duh. Dell tries to do everything Apple does.
  • back_by_demand
    deadlockedworldWell duh. Dell tries to do everything Apple does.Well duh, Apple didn't invent the tablet either, or the mouse, or the GUI
    Or fire
    Or the fucking wheel
    Self-righteous Apple pricks
  • Honis
    With a 5" screen it's going to make a good PMP but not going to be able to compete with the (suspected) 10" screen of the iTablet. The iTablet will have more functionality than a PMP since you'll be able to use it for note taking and reading (assuming it's going to be good for those functions since tablet notebooks are).
  • Kryan
    i've given a thumbs up to back_by_demand, but here is another +5 for you.

    well said.
    (i made my girlfriend sell her ipod nano last she has a creative zen x-fi2...phew! :P)
  • JMcEntegart
    homrqtJane quit teasing us with all of these speculations and show us something real! =p
    One day all these rumors will come to fruition and I can source these vague rumors and say, I told you so.
  • Drag0nR1der
    I hope so, I'm being continually impressed by how Dell have pulled themselves up out of the gutter of pc mediocrity over the last couple of years. Good on 'em.
  • Regulas
    I would consider this Android (Linux) over a Apple tablet.
  • flurrball
    I dunno if I consider pocket-lint a reliable source :P
  • Jane is teasing us? What kind of teasing I wonder? *evil grin*
  • idisarmu
    back_by_demandWell duh, Apple didn't invent the tablet either, or the mouse, or the GUIOr fireOr the fucking wheelSelf-righteous Apple pricks
    That doesn't mean that dell's activities aren't highly suspicious. It's starting to seem to me that the only difference between dell and apple is a 10% cost advantage for Dell. The styling, pricing, and use of mediocre hardware is similar though.