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Dell XPS 10 Easiest Tablet to Repair, Surface Pro Hardest

Repair experts iFixit has detailed its list of the easiest and hardest tablets to repair, with Dell's XPS 10 topping the list.

Its new "Tablet Repairability" list depicts slates it's taken apart to examine how easy it is for owners to repair the devices. Each tablet is given a score on a scale of 1 to 10, with the Dell XPS 10 earning the highest score with 9. Reasons cited for its high score are that it's easy to open and includes labeled cables, as well as a series of color-coded screws.

Apple and Microsoft see their devices ranking low on the list. Surface RT has a score of 4 in iFixit's scale, which is predominately due to the difficulty in opening the tablet. Also, because of the effort required to open them, the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini all received scores of 2.

Surface Pro received the worst score in iFixit's list, with the device having a score of 1 for its "tons of adhesive holds," in addition to a host of other issues. The firm said there's a high risk of destroying the device by just opening it.

"We weren't able to list every single tablet, but this list is a good start," an iFixit representative told CNET. "We have to disassemble each tablet to score it, so additional hardware will show up as we perform more teardowns. Our hope is that through customers' votes, manufacturers will create long-lasting, easy-to-repair hardware that we can all love."

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