Long-running British Comic 'The Dandy' to Go Digital Only


The publisher of long-running British comic 'The Dandy' has announced that the title will be going out of print and will carry on as a digital-only publication. According to the BBC, DC Thomson is putting out a special edition for the comic's 75th anniversary. This will be the last edition of the Dandy that will be available to purchase in stores. After that, the comic will be digital only.

Launched December 4, 1937, the comic features Desperate Dan, a pie-loving cowboy with super strength, and a host of other characters. Now, 75 years later, Desperate Dan and the crew will live on at dandy.com. The Inquirer reports that the site will employ a subscription model that will see customers pay £1.50 per issue or £30 for an annual subscription.

The BBC writes that sales of the comic had fallen to just 8,000 issues per week. This is down from peak sales of two million issues per week in the 50s. Issue zero of digital Dandy is free. Check it out here.

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  • abbadon_34
    So? I'm on Tomsharware US, this is twice removed from relevent. Besides, it sound like the comic sucked if it couldn't maintain it's newpaper run. There are plenty of regular funny page panels in circulation with no problems, even one that have been on reprint for years (writer died, or series discontinued)
  • silverblue
    In this current age, it just didn't appeal to a lot of children anymore. Ironic, then, that the last ever printed issue will sell out pretty much everywhere.

    Sure, this is the US site, but this is an article about the third longest running comic in history. Irrelevant or not, it certainly entertained and inspired countless children here in the UK. So, it's quite nice to see a mention on an international site.

    If we're going to really complain about something worthwhile, it's the countless daily deals articles we used to get for US vendors on every portal which have now thankfully stopped. This is a single article. :)